Saturday, December 12, 2009


I'm in my room, with my laptop and with the door firmly shut. Feeling like I used to on a Saturday night with nothing to do, nowhere to go. Except back then I didn't have a laptop! I am mad, but I'm not exactly sure at what point it started and for exactly what reason. Irregardless, I am still mad. Of course I am now depriving myself of a drink, the Tv, and well the kids for that matter. Once the bedroom door has been closed, no one will dare come near it. HE won't come in after me either so there is more than one of us who is being stubborn. The dryer stopped, so I have to go fold. The kids are ready to be told to go to bed or at least clean up, and I would so much rather be sitting in my usual spot with this laptop then on my bed. It is very uncomfortable! I'll go out there, but I am NOT saying anything and I can guarantee I will stomp my feet, sigh loudly and slam a cupboard or two.........How are YOU?