Saturday, December 12, 2009


I'm in my room, with my laptop and with the door firmly shut. Feeling like I used to on a Saturday night with nothing to do, nowhere to go. Except back then I didn't have a laptop! I am mad, but I'm not exactly sure at what point it started and for exactly what reason. Irregardless, I am still mad. Of course I am now depriving myself of a drink, the Tv, and well the kids for that matter. Once the bedroom door has been closed, no one will dare come near it. HE won't come in after me either so there is more than one of us who is being stubborn. The dryer stopped, so I have to go fold. The kids are ready to be told to go to bed or at least clean up, and I would so much rather be sitting in my usual spot with this laptop then on my bed. It is very uncomfortable! I'll go out there, but I am NOT saying anything and I can guarantee I will stomp my feet, sigh loudly and slam a cupboard or two.........How are YOU?

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Today, after one of my employees requested a meeting, I found myself struggling for the right words to say when asked to please make another female employee stop farting in the office. In my memo, I used the word Flatulence, and then I complimented her on a good job done elsewhere. I wrote and re-wrote that email for well over an hour. Then I hit send in a moment of frustration that I was actually spending time on something like that.
I discovered last night that someone didn't become my friend on facebook. It was someone that I was friends with in high school and early part of college and it was all my fault that we stopped talking, but I didn't think he wouldn't want to be friends...... Now I'm perplexed on what did I REALLY do, and why do I let facebook get to me like that?
I'm perplexed on the behavior of people. And you?

Sunday, July 19, 2009

A little bit Redneck

I am feeling a little bit redneck, because last year I went to the Crash up Derby at our local County fair and I had a blast. I went as a little kid but didn't remember how much fun it was. Crammed into the stands with hundreds of others, sticky from heat, dirt, pop and Fair food, we cheered and roared as the cars smashed into each other until the very end. We watched as the fires were doused, and one man was rolled away on a stretcher. We stared amazed at the flat and destroyed peices of metal as they were displayed around town the next week. We thought, wouldn't it have been fun to own one of the cars to cheer for?
We have a local speed track and last night we took the kids. Classic figure 8 track and the last feature was camper pull figure 8. What a blast. Even though it is mid-July there was no humidity in the air, and we had an off -the- lake breeze and cloud coverage making it perfect for sweatshirts and a big towel wrapped around us. Hot dogs, pop and cheesy fries we were subdued at the beginning prayer from the local priest, wishing safe crashing that night. We cheered for each driver who won their time trials. Only one woman, and amazingly several drivers under the age of 16 doing better than the seasoned drivers. The crowd was a mix of regulars, first-times and old-timers. Infants to a group of bachelors at their bachelor party and even a wedding party showing up later in a limo wearing their wedding finest.
Only in small-town Ohio, America, I thought. How lucky I am.
As the cars drove in for the final feature we roared with the crowd. Cadillacs pulling full size campers, Pick-up trucks pulling trailers with outhouses attached. Monte Carlo's with pop-up campers and two family vans pulling trailers, one with a lawn chair and a big bear riding in the seat and one with a John Deere Tractor.
It was chaos and crashes, red flags to clear the debris and green flags at the encouragement of the crowd as the cars pulled what was left of their original load. Several cars driving on rims, tires rolling in all directions.
At the very end, two cars remained. A van and a pickup truck and then the skies opened and a deluge of rain fell on us. Everyone went running for their cars and men could be heard yelling for thier kids to get in the god-damned car, women telling the kids to stay out of the mud. It was a mass exodus to the exit. Men still pumped up from the racing it felt as though we were all about to be crashed and smashed into as we left.
What a blast. What an excellent dose of redneck.
I am feeling a little bit redneck and you?

Friday, July 17, 2009


I'm lucky to have a husband who will come home from work, see that the basement is flooded with water, call me and warn me what I will be walking into and start to clean it up.
I'm lucky to have two daughters who were bribed into cleaning their messes by being able to use the video camera to make movies that I can watch over and over again as though I like them as much as a movie I could be watching at the theatre with the sexy man sucking up water in the basement.
I'm lucky that I have a job that is so busy and time consuming I can work on it in my spare time this weekend.
I'm lucky I have a son who calls my calm, water sucking husband to ask if he can be reimbursed for the burger he is about to buy with his own money.
I'm lucky the two appointments I made at my Dr.'s request to have my boobs squished and flattened and my uterus scanned will be in two weeks first thing in the morning.
I'm lucky it's Friday and I am at home, cleaning the house, with only the plans of an 85 year old's birthday party to look forward to.
Yep, today, I would say I am "Lucky" and you?