Friday, December 30, 2011

Goodbye 2011

2011 has been really good to me.  2012 has a lot to live up to but I am confident there is room for improvement.  I don't make resolutions, but I do have a strong desire for certain things to happen and long wish and bucket lists just waiting for some check marks. ( less pressure when put that way.... )

Here is my Top 12 for 2012

Inspired by a conversation with my Mom, I would love to take a long weekend trip with the women in my life that I love and value. A Cruise or Vegas has been mentioned. (Calendar so far is barren and my vacation days start over January 1!)

I would like to find the person I once was that had the energy and desire to work out religiously and enjoy it.

I want to take my son to a few more concerts this year - this was the best bonding we did last year.  Music is one thing we both love with a similarity in taste.

I want to find a cause I am passionate about where I can donate my time and talent to.

I would like to visit relatives we rarely see for no particular reason other than I love and miss them.

I really want to start writing some chapters to my book.

I want to have wood floors in my house by the end of the year and maybe even start a few major remodeling projects.

I want to continue the trend the hubby and I did a good job of keeping up this year - less arguing, more connecting.

Lots more vintage decor has my name all over it.

The interior of my closet needs a major overhaul - All the styles I dream of will soon be reality.

I plan to continue a tradition I started toward the end of 2011 - making sure my kids and their cousins get together once a month for Cousins Day.

Finally, I resolve to take the time for a good, long, leisurely, bath.

Happy New Year!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Miracles

Miracle 1: On Thursday we decided to close the office for Friday.  Which was perfect, I could clean all day for a nice relaxing Christmas weekend.

Miracle 2:  On Friday morning after several days of rain and unseasonably warm temps I woke up to a light snow fall. (it didn't last, but it made for a fun start to the Christmas weekend and put me in a festive mood)

This is the view outside my kitchen window - The house next to us was the Church for our house back in the 1900's.  It is made up of three small buildings. I want to buy it some day for family visitors - we are connected by a little path through the bushes.

Miracle 3:  After setting up the kids and their friend who had slept over in our little house -  (Setting up required me to haul the vacuum outside, cleaning it, turning the fireplace on to heat the place up, getting a Christmas movie, popcorn, and blankets.)

Perfect for noisy kids!

Then with an empty house,  I got started on cleaning.  After several hours, I had gotten completely done, was upstairs in my daughters bedroom, and suddenly had the worst headache ever.  It was a combination of too much caffeine, no food, and cleaning product fumes.  Plus I was oddly feeling a little melancholy all of a sudden - like I was missing something.
I was in my grubbiest pajamas, hair a mess, no makeup on and having a bit of a breakdown.  I was really emotional and mad at myself for letting the little messes get to me, was bitching about- get this, fingerprints on my daughters' DS. When I turned around thinking that someone was about to come into the room that I could yell at and there stood -

In a red sweater with Santa on it, and then right behind her,


Who Drove 24 hours to SURPRISE US!  For Christmas!

All I could manage to say was, "WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE??!" and then I started crying and we were hugging.  (In the middle of a cleaning freak-down, yelling at my kids, un-showered and in my pajamas.)
My parents are adorable.  They had been planning this for months, and NO ONE knew. They even made reservations at the hotel across from us, and brought their own little Christmas tree for their room.

When they came into the house they saw one of the girls and gave her a hug and shushed her (Then I'm sure just followed the sound of my ranting from upstairs) My daughter proceeded to go to her sisters room in disbelief to tell her that Nannie and Grandpa were there.  Her sister said no way, it's probably just someone else and she said "NO, smell me, they just hugged me!"  (My Mom and Dad are the best smelling people in the world -  outside of my family including the cats - we smell like cinnamon - once my Dad was staying with us and got into my brother's car, and he said, "Dad, you smell like a cinnamon bun".  My son has begged me to stop using or buying cinnamon scented anything because the kids kept telling him how good he smells. - apparently not a good thing to smell nice)

The hubby had left a few moments before my parents arrived to grab something from the store (his 10th trip in one day) when my Mom called him (before they surprised me) - she was making sure we would be home.  So when he walked into the house and saw them he was so shocked.  It was fun to see his expression because it was exactly how I felt.

Miracle 3: On Christmas Eve morning, my Mom and I went in search of food for my bare unprepared cupboards.  Little did I know she had strict instructions to keep me there awhile so the hubby and my Dad could set up my 2nd Christmas Surprise.
The hubby and I had seen a red vintage chrome table in a shop window a week before and I was instantly in love.  I had even taken my sister in law to see it a few days later but it was gone.  (She knew he had gotten it and did a GREAT job of convincing me it might be in the back of the closed store)
My Mom had no idea that when I go to the grocery store, I do not mess around.  She even stalled in the frozen food section by searching way too long for Brussel sprouts.  When we got home everyone was in the kitchen with my new table!  I was shocked.

Christmas Eve we had plans to go to my brother's for a large family party.  I could barely contain my excitement until my parents walked in to everyone's shock and surprise.  This was the best Christmas Eve party we have ever had.  The food was awesome, one of the cousins had gotten engaged, we played our traditional DIRTY PICTIONARY game and had the best $15 gift exchange known to man.  My Mom and Dad had Santa sacks filled with tropical ornaments and even gifts for the dogs.

Christmas Day started at 5:30am and was spent in pajamas.  We played with the kids toys, several hands of cards and watched movies.

The SURPRISE Electric Guitar was a Hit!

My Flamingo lover daughter LOVED her Flamingo (on display in background)

Today we had Spaghetti dinner at my other brother's house to complete the weekend and decided that next Christmas we might all descend on my parents in Florida and they looked like the happiest parents in the world.
This truly was a miraculous Christmas.  With each person planning surprises for someone else and everything working out perfectly.  I think we all had some very special guardian angels looking out for us and I am so Thankful!

Could my Mom be any prettier?

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas Bucket List

My Christmas Bucket List - maybe I'll tackle some of these things next year and the year's to come:

Never been Kissed Under the Mistletoe

I have never Wrapped anything well

Baked my Decorations

Hand Made a Present

Had a Crazy Christmas Tree

Been somewhere WARM at Christmas

How about you?  What have you never....

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


I wish my GPS could interact with me.  I would like it to be a GPS and a GPSsie.  Some days I could really use a man and some days only a woman could understand. 

If my GPS could talk, it would say things like:

"No, you are not stupid and yes, you WERE a teenager once too." (right after my oldest slams the door shut when I drop him off at school)

"Does your son have a tic?" (right after that last comment, after watching my son swirl his head around so his hair lays exactly right on his head.)

I forgot to add that the GPS can see into the car when I want it to.  This comes in handy when my eyelids are getting heavy -
"WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!"

or when I forgot to button my shirt all the way, forgot to put on mascara, or even better -
"Isn't it time for a little hair color, hon?"

GPS would compliment me - not in a sexy leering way, more like -
"You are soooo pretty, KRISTEN" (says my name and pretty in the same sentence!!)

and GPSsie would listen to me gossip without interrupting and of course would never judge me.

I would like my GPS male or female version to remind me NOT to go to a place I have vowed to never go back to and offer me comparable solutions.
I would like it to offer suggestions on how to maneuver out of the traffic.
I would like it to warn me that a police car is in the area.

My 45 minute drive to and from work would have a whole new meaning.  GPSsie could calm me down and remind me that the kids need more lunch money, a form signed, and what friend was mean to them the other day, because after all, they were there when the kids were talking over each other in the car last time.

GPS could use his deep voice when I am approaching the car in a dark parking lot and say -
"Don't forget we need to stop at the shooting range on the way home."

Oh, the possibilities of my own personal GPS.  Sure, there IS Siri (which I do not have) but GPS and GPSsie are so much more fun!
What do you want your GPS to do?

Monday, December 12, 2011

What do 8 Mistakes Make?

Saturday.   Mistake # 1:  Came across two of those Justice (if you are not familiar with this store, don't worry,  you are either smarter than me, or don't have pre-teen girls) cards in my wallet.
You know these kinds of cards.  Spend $50, get $25 off deals.  Expiration: Monday.

Mistake #2: We leave the house right around dinner time.  (allow me to explain: Dinner time to MY kids, is anytime between 5pm and 7:30pm.  There is no such thing as skipping dinner,  or eating a big breakfast, big lunch, no dinner.  My kids will go to bed and whine that they never had "dinner" if they didn't eat it during that time frame or there were not three specific meals)

Mistake #3: We decide to go to one of those restaurants that serves bar type food in the family section.  One of those restaurants we have said - "Let's never go there again", yet, we find ourselves forced to eat there for lack of viable affordable alternative options.

Mistake #4: We get Starbucks right next to the dreaded girls clothing store.  We leave the drinks in the car thinking...

Mistake #5: We won't be long.  No more than 20 minutes long.

The store is pretty crowded.  Lots of guys looking like they would give ANYTHING to be somewhere else.  I am betting ladies, you could ask for and receive just about anything you want if it meant getting them out of that store.

We queue.  Which wraps around the displays of junk trinkets and all the little girls can be heard begging and pleading their very important cases.  Tolerance and strength levels are low.  There are many "Go ahead, but hurry ups" heard.

Long story short here - the store had 40% off everything. We thought we were making out with the cards and the discount.  When the final tally was announced we were $50 over budget.  Apparently it's one or the other.  Sale price/No card, Discount Card/No sale price.  I slink out to the car -you know, "to warm it up" as the discussion between the hubby and the gum popping sales girl gets heated.  The hubby comes out of the store 20 minutes later with no bags/no clothes/no Christmas outfits. (which quite honestly, was the ONLY and best idea we had all night)

As we were driving away, one of the girls pipes up and says "What about the necklace I have in my hand?"  WHOOPS - we take that back too.  The other customers were cheering the hubby on for making a stand, but didn't dare leave their place in line or follow.

I still needed something for the girls to wear for Christmas so I suggest one more stop on the way home.  Meanwhile, my stomach is starting to do a funky little dance.  But I internally breathe through the cramping.
Mistake #6

We stop at the next destination.  I am walking towards the store telling myself, in and out in 15, drive home in 30, I CAN MAKE IT.  Breathe through it.  Mistake #7

By the time we get to our department I am sweating, praying, pacing, panicking.  Stomach is turning and making noises.  Hubby notices.  Girls start asking questions loudly - "Are you sick,  are you going to puke, do you have to go to the bathroom?"

I decide I am stuck.  I won't make it home. I have to use the bathroom right here, RIGHT NOW.  I leave them to the racks, and high tail it to the restroom.


I pace.  I am sweating.  I am staring into the display of an Angel tree, praying to every single one of them that I do not poop my pants in the middle of the store.
I think worriedly that all the praying and wishing didn't work so well for my brother. 

I have a momentary pause in severe abdominal cramping and go to check on the hubby and girls.  Mistake #8

There is a Justin Bieber T-shirt in the cart and that is it.
I am doubling over.
I high-tail it back to the restroom area.

I notice that I am not the only one waiting which makes matters even worse.  I realize it's going to be crowded by the time they open the restroom back up, and I am afraid that I will kill someone with what is bound to come out of me.
I take a moment to practice my breathing while making a PLAN B.  We ARE in a clothing store after all. WORSE case scenario, I CAN buy new pants, underwear, socks, shoes. IF NEEDED.

Finally a woman with a small child who has to go as badly as I do, interrupts what is now the cleanest restroom in history and I wait until she leaves.  Well, I had to explain my situation to the hubby and kids first, who are nervously wondering what it might be like to KNOW someone who has pooped their pants IN the store.
Finally I am sitting. In the bathroom. Alone.  I have flushed the toilet at least 13 times.  I am getting the full bidet experience each and every time.  I hear footsteps.  I know I am on limited time.  I have to stop dying, get my hands washed and out of the restroom before anyone knows I am the one responsible.
Somehow I accomplish this feat.  The hubby and girls are waiting.  I am speed walking to the check out while my youngest is asking lots of questions.  LOUDLY.

It was a night I do not want to re-live ever.  But know, that you are not alone when one day you too find yourself in the bathroom having to continuously flush.....

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Just for Fun

I found these snowflakes on clearance the other day.  Hubby wasn't a fan of hanging them.  He doesn't understand Vintage......

I would like to get my tree in this kind of style.......

Love the marble counter tops - clearly not mine.  Love the Santa Mugs!

When I get my truck -this is what I will do....

Clearance find too !

Love Vintage, but then this appeals to me just as much!

Love the plaid and green together.
This is a good way to get over the hump.....

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

When Christmas Goes Too Far

Next up: Christmas DEPENDS
Why not....

Maybe if Chocolate was involved....
You name it, they have it.
Not for those with Kids

Don't Try This at Home While Potty Training

Might not sport yellow well.

The only thing I COULDN'T find was cleaning products....... (darn it)
What's YOUR guilty Christmas Pleasure?
(I do have flannel snowman sheets....)

Friday, December 2, 2011

Let's Laugh

I'm useless lately at coming up with witty things to say, so I'll let my friends do it for me:

Then there is this story from my brother:

I'm pretty sure this is what facebook was invented for...
So I'm coming home from a nice dinner with clients on the west side. I'm dropping off one of my principals at Quail Hollow Hotel and I'm suddenly not feeling well at all. I drop him of and get back on 90 and break out in a full sweat. I'm feeling equal pressure on both ends and now I've got the car doing 110 to make my exit. I pull off the exit and have the car in a full slide while I'm trying to get the door open. I stop and open the door only to forget to undo my seatbelt so I try to stop the puking process by putting my hand over my mouth... So I've now sprayed my entire interior with high pressure puke. I get some out the door but I can feel serious pressure coming from my ass so I race home doing 85 down country winding roads with my windshield steering wheel and whole interior covered in puke. I make it home by the grace of God and then for the next 4 hours rid my body of anything that slightly resembles liquid.

Wife of the year, cleans the major chunks and 90% of puke from my car while it's 30F outside! Thanks Lover!!!!!

For Sale 2008 Audi A4 that may take on a whole new dimension when it gets to be 85F :)
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    •  oh no!!!! This post has made my day! F__ing hilarious!!! I hope you are felling better Mike!!! Poor Bri... new boots/handbag & jewelry or something for her!
      7 hours ago ·  ·  2
    • LMAO !
      7 hours ago · 
    •  thanks for sharing
      7 hours ago · 
    •  that's awesome
      7 hours ago · 
    •  This is exactly what FB is for...and to let everyone know that Nick prefers men.
      6 hours ago ·  ·  2
    •  holy shit mike, i hope it wasn't the deer meat! feel better
      2 hours ago · 
    • The only thing grosser than vomit? Someone else's vomit.

      Emily, i love the way you think. Nick, you could make a little money on this deal. It was pretty bad.
      Jud, it was the exact opposite of awesome.
      Michael, I love you (obviously) and am glad you're better.
      28 minutes ago · 
    •  These are my favorite kind of posts. Bri, at least it wasn't the other end you were cleaning up after.... ;)
      19 minutes ago · 
    •  That would have been easier!!!
      Wouldn't have made it onto the windshield, air vents and every frickin knob on the dashboard...
      13 minutes ago · 
    •  well.... you never know,,,, you have heard the Rowellsl use the term Ballistic before, right?

and Finally -
I had 4 minor heart attacks on the way home from work:

Driving, pitch black, Police light suddenly directly behind me.  I think, CRAP, there goes the rest of the Christmas money.  Pull over, and police car races past me.  WHEW.  Heart Attack 1.

Driving, pitch black, DEER RUNS DIRECTLY IN FRONT OF MY CAR, slam on breaks, his buddy runs directly in front of the car behind me.  (They probably had a heart attack too)

Get to my town square, pitch black out, CAT RUNS IN FRONT OF MY CAR.

Get into the house, MY cat has gotten into the Christmas Tree. Branches, Ornaments, Lights all over the place.

So Laugh, because it is all you can really do....
Have a great weekend.