Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Drop

Remember the stray kitty in my yard?  The kids had named her Katie. We were feeding her, yelling at the other strays who came sniffing around her at 2am,  and providing her a warm dry place to stay in the garage.
In fact this kitty was being pampered even more than the two lazy slug cats who live inside the house.  Who were rudely teasing her from the other side of the window by jumping on the counters, rolling around on the beds and watching Puss in Boots.

But it was getting kind of creepy seeing her eyes every time you looked out of ANY window ANY time, (especially when you were changing your clothes) and the hubby didn't appreciate stepping in her "landscaped cat box" on Saturday while painting the house. (he's patient, but not when it comes to his Teva's smelling like cat poop - secretly, I was training her to use his Teva's as the toilet because I HATE those shoes)  Plus, I didn't want to keep the garage door open and unlocked any more.

I know, we sound like real compassionate people here don't we?  (but we did have her on the list at the rescue center, posted about her, asked everyone we knew and it was looking like she was stuck in our window sill for the rest of her life (which after 12" of snow would not have been good)

On Sunday, I awoke to a cup of Starbucks in my face.  I knew when I saw it that the hubby had done the deed. Made the drop. Performed Operation SCAT

(Sadly, we live no where near a Starbucks so anytime we get one it's because we went INTO TOWN) We had discussed doing this and didn't really WANT to do it, but given no other choice, he put Katie in a crate and dropped her off to the rescue shelter before they opened. (Yes it was still dark and Yes we had a back up story, and NO he did not wear a cat burglar suit or cap)

BEFORE you start yelling, this rescue place is where we purchased the two cats we have.  It is like a Four Seasons Hotel for animals. We were on their list, but by the time they would have ever called she would have been a catsicle, taken advantage of, hit by a car or all three. (We've been on that list two other times for strays that we have come across, with NO call back)  I was even calling a shelter a county away every single day as soon as they opened to see if they had an opening. (their instructions...)

So he fed her, put her in the crate with a blanket, and she let him pet her the entire car ride.  Then he set her by the door in the crate and well, ran.  (Not really - I think he was secretly hoping to get caught so we could actually talk them into taking her in)

On Monday, he called me up and said,  "I saw Merlot today".  Since he isn't really a drinker,  I was trying to figure out if that was a stripper or maybe a Star of some kind that he met (because all Stars come to Amish country to hide out - *aka Mike Tyson)

After a few minutes of playing the guessing game he said "Merlot, aka Katie" a-la witness protection style.

They named her Merlot and it turns out that  the "kitten" was 2-3 years old who apparently likes computer keyboards?? Who Knew? (they give all their strays colorful descriptions and names- that is why our cat Truitt was formerly known as Barney who liked dressing up in tutu's)

I couldn't believe he actually went there - I teased him: "What if they had cameras and they had taken a picture of you when you made the drop and there was a WANTED poster now?? "

 He said she was really happy (yes, they conversed) and also disturbingly the center was NOT packed with cats as they had told us over the phone.  There were empty compartments. (I honestly can't say cages because they truly are not - I think they are similar in size to a Japanese train hotel room)  They were never going to call us.....

I know SOME ONE out there might still be seething.  But the story is that she showed up in our yard and would not leave.  We thought she was a kitten because she was so small.  We could not bring her inside because we already have two, both the hubby and I are allergic, (geniuses, I know)  and I did not want to leave her outside without being fixed (other strays were already sniffing around and several times we had to yell out the window to scare them away from her)  We called the shelters, posted her and begged everyone we knew. No one wanted to take her in.

So of course we went back a day later to check on her and of course I had to whisper-scream at the kids to NOT call her Katie.  She didn't even recognize us.  She did look a LOT happier.  So then we tortured ourselves by going to see the dogs.  This is a good way to make you feel better when you are having a selfish moment.  Most of them were left because their human's had moved, died, or ran away.  I almost came home with a Winston who enjoyed reading newspapers by the fire.

We left with tears in our eyes and vowed to volunteer at least once a month, but to NEVER ever tell our secret..... Well,   til now.

Do you think there is a Wanted Poster??

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Wanna listen to me Vent?
When I’m done, you can vent back and I promise to listen...........................


6th Grade Math Homework. No Clue. Whatsoever.
And they NEVER bring the Math book home so I can attempt to figure it out. Apparently everyone shares one Math book?? Is this really true??
I have spent 1 hour trying to find answers on-line and found NOTHING titled:
I am dumber than 6th grade math homework.

Tomorrow is Camouflage day at one school (for the girls of course) and Wear Something Pink at the other school (for the boy – OF COURSE)

It is dark in the morning when I leave the house and it is dark by the time I change my clothes after work. It happens every single year. Yet I forget how this makes me feel every single year. It does nothing for my desire to go outside and exercise and nothing for my joyful mood.

I love this time of year – yet, I never get to enjoy it without the monetary stress. From now until 12/25 at approximately 8:30am (when the wrapping paper has been cleared away) I am under

HIGH STRESS LEVEL –CAUTION: There WILL be Temper Tantrums Quite Often.

I listen to a great radio talk show on my way home. It’s meant for the 20 to early 30 set not yet married, and normally I can relate because I never feel my age. On the way home from work they talked about all the great sex they are having, how to make it better and even more disturbingly, that less than 3 times a week is extremely dangerous for your health and relationship. I’m scared. VERY scared for my health.

I’ll stop now – because the rest is just downright boring: A bill that forgot to be paid, a concert that someone wants to go to that will require me to drive to, endure, probably enjoy, and spend money on. A list of items that need to be purchased, A list of things that still need to be done to the house before winter hits (snow in the forecast in the next few days), a bad day a work, ungrateful people, Halloween, Birthday, Bridal Shower, Thanksgiving, CHRISTMAS .....
and the fact that I feel like I need to be breathing deeply into a brown paper bag. DOES THIS WORK??!!

Sometimes, I can’t take it.

But I always do. Every single time. (might do so a little less than enthusiastically, but I take it)

Maybe I need to start with one single positive moment each day:

Let’s see……………..

OH! Got one!

This day will be over pretty soon.

See?  I CAN be positive!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

A Mixed Bag

Thank you amazingly supportive readers!  You politely told me that I have not jumped the shark, and to stop my whining.  (I swear I was not fishing for comments!)  I will chalk my dark mood up to Pre Daylight Savings Time Blues.  Rest assured I am snapping out of it.  It is still raining in my world (I think we are on our 50th day of rain in two months, and last night we got 2".  STOP the gutter thoughts!) it is dark when I leave for work and dark when I get home, and it currently is a mere 37 degrees. 
But I’m not going to let it get to me!

Here is a little tidbit that might make you smile:
Next Door to my office is a factory that makes musical instruments.  This factory must have at least 200 cars in its parking lot every day.  Can you believe that the musical instrument business is doing so well?  If I could afford to buy the kids an instrument and pay for lessons, they would be making my life miserable with bad notes right now.  
In the early summer the factory workers went on strike.  I do not want to get into the politics of why, but watching this strike from an on-the-other-side-of-the-fence perspective, I have to tell you it’s a strike unlike any I have ever imagined or at least seen in old 70’s movie scenes.

They have a pod.  You know those on demand storage containers.  Their pod is like home base, I am fairly certain they have made a kitchen and living room in there.  There are always at least 10 to 15 people jammed inside playing cards, doing each other’s hair and eating home cooked food.   Then they have some really nice portable tents outside.  There are usually a dozen people sitting under them continuing the party from inside.  I have seen them play catch, corn hole, hoops, and once I thing they were doing a conga line.  As it is getting colder they now have a fortress of wood stacked up – wood that would last an entire winter.  They light fires in old metal garbage cans.  This is about as authentic as they get. 

The company has had to hire security.  One guy who sits in his car all day long.  He does get out and walk around periodically to mingle with the party goers under the tent. 

The strikers don’t yell.  They don’t shake their fists; they actually don’t even look at you when you drive by or if they see you watching from your office window. They have a few signs and the only obnoxious thing they really do is park on the side of the road.  They have some nice cars, these strikers. 

I would say at least 150 parking spots have filled back up at the factory, so I’m not sure how successful this particular strike is.

Sometimes I try to rally my 6 co-workers into striking.  I think it would be fun to play corn hole and warm our hands over the garbage can.  I wonder if our neighbors would let us borrow some firewood?

And finally check this story out:
If this doesn’t either bring a tear to your eye, give you hope and inspiration, then I think you may have the blues worse than I do…..

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Have I Jumped the Shark?

 I'm worried.   I may have jumped the shark.

If you are not familiar with this phrase, educate yourself and then please come back.

These are the possible moments that I may have jumped the shark:

I started tweeting. I'm not very funny yet I choose to tweet random thoughts that pop into my head as if someone cares what I have to say.

I follow more people than I have followers. I have read that this is a twitter faux pas.

I follow Martha Stewart (I thought maybe she would offer tips)
I believed for a minute she does her own tweeting.

The only tweet of mine that has been re-tweeted is this one:

I really want to follow someone but according to the rules I can't over-follow, can more hurry and follow me so I am appropriate??

My blog has been at 83 followers for months. Half of those followers joined in the first few days. The other half are people I have personally met.

I had 1 comment on my last post and the post before that, 2 comments. They commented on my post because I commented on their post.

My facebook profle picture is over five years old.  But I do still have and wear that shirt........

I actually care that I may have jumped the shark in the eyes of people I do not know and will most likely never meet.

I might have jumped the shark, or it might be the pre-daylight savings time blues.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

MADE-Up Holiday HEAD's Up!

For year's my friends and I thought we were lucky when we had a boyfriend around this time of year.  The opportunities to torture the boys in our lives were endless in one month alone:

Homecoming - Just what a young man wants to spend his money on: A Suit, Expensive Dinner, and a Dance.

Why yes, those ARE mullet's

Haunted Houses - The guys always liked this one the most - plenty of opportunity for girls to grab them and throw them between the next scary thing and a girl's chest.

Sweetest Day - In a few months Valentines Day is right around the corner!

Halloween - I know all the men in my life are fans of dressing in costume........

Unfortunatley NOT a costume

Did you stop and ask yourself what SWEETEST DAY was or do you know all about it but pretend not to?

I think it was when I moved to a different part of the state that bordered two other states that I learned most people do not really "celebrate" Sweetest Day outside of Ohio, or even know what it is.

In more recent years, we have watched it approaching, we forget about it and then we remember it a few days later.  The last thing either the hubby or I need is another reason to feel bad about not buying each other anything.

Tonight, I discovered the reason why most people do not even know this crazy holiday.

It was started in 1922 by a man in Cleveland. He wanted to bring happiness to orphans, shut-ins and under-privileged. His intent was to show these people that they were not forgotten. (Love how we quickly changed that plan to meet our greedy needs)

So, unless you live in Ohio, you are probably off the hook.  If you live in or near Ohio and you have already heard the advertisements for Sweetest Day, you can explain the reason for lack of gift is that it is for orphans, shut-ins and under-priveleged.( your honey probably will not want to compete in that category) You might then have to visit a shelter or volunteer your time helping those less fortunate, but in the end it's a win-win.

You can thank me later for:
A. Reminding you of the approaching Non-Holiday
B.  Giving you a few excuses/reasons not to celebrate it
C.  Giving you a reason to donate your time.

Happy Sweestest Day!  (Always the Third Saturday in October)

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Picture Perfect Weekend

We had the most beautiful weather weekend that we have seen in a long time - it was so nice it's hard to put it into words - so I won't.
Yes, this buggy does have two front legs and two back wheels.

Where we live, you cannot go to Wal Mart on Friday nights, (it's Amish shopping time) but we did because it's still a novelty to me.

My favorite store in town - I really wanted this, but had no idea where I would put it -The hubby did suggest the LAUNDRY ROOM but he doesn't understand DECORATION - DUH

All the shops have themed Scarecrows. This one tricks me EVERY time - I'm like waving and then I realize they are made of hay.

I'm loving my Halloween Decor

The kids love the Glow in the Dark soap.....

I went back to my favorite store and bought two night stands instead - YEAH, now I can read in bed again!

Got some work done around the house before the weather gets bad again.

I love seeing the Little House from my bedroom window - I often daydream about living in there where no one can find me.

Love this home made art/ super cute Save the Date postcard and of course the Lunch Menu

Bought a wreath made of book pages at the fair in town from a new neighbor.

The one in the middle is the quietest

The resevoir was as clear as glass this weekend.

I never tire of passing a simpler life - Ecspecially when I am running a million errands - I always say - "for one day, I would be Amish."

Fall Memories

Good Night

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Noticed by One

I was feeling a little low, crabby, and well, ignored. I had been in the basement waiting on the dryer, and watching TV for 45 minutes and no one had come looking for me. I realized that if I left the house at that moment, no one would even notice I was gone.

So here’s me, walking out the door (after I grabbed a hoodie, my cell phone and made sure the clothes in the dryer were all folded)

Here’s me slipping out of the house. (After I banged the door shut of course)

Here’s me walking to nowhere in particular and there was me hoping someone would have stopped me to ask where I was going, what was wrong or at least where their favorite shirt was?

I walked past the house and now I was faced with the decision of where to go? As I was trying to determine how far I could walk I had just crossed the street and was five houses away getting really discouraged and melancholy when I heard a -


I turned, slightly hopeful but doubtful and in the early evening light could not see anything so I kept walking and there it was again –


This time I turned and waited for my eyes to focus and then I saw a small figure with hair flying and legs running. Running toward ME. While I watched her rushing towards me an overwhelming feeling of love hit me I couldn’t help but smile and catch my breath a little.

She said she saw me walk by from the upstairs window and wanted to catch up to me. She didn’t ask why I left without saying anything; she just gave me a giant hug, stuck her hand in mine and started walking with me.
Then she talked my ear off and told me tales to the likes of BIG FISH.

I guess I am not capable of sneaking away from at least one member of the house and I am very relieved.

When we got back to the house I could see through the window that the other three people were in the same spots not at all bothered by our disappearance and my walking buddy quickly ran off to another cause.

 I went back down to the basement and folded laundry.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Wanna Play a Little Multiple Choice?

With the weekend’s low 40 temps and pouring rain – Which statement is true:

A. My family and I looked like fools in our flip flops and summer clothes.

B. I realized I am completely unprepared for cool weather even though I have lived in Ohio my whole life.

C. I need to buy three winter coats, five hats, five sets of gloves, 4 pairs of boots, 5 pairs of jeans, socks, hoodies, long sleeve shirts – A LOT OF STUFF NOW.

D. I will have to get a third  fourth job to pay for all of it.

E. All of the above.

We didn't look this happy - or this GOOD ....

We went to the DREADED mall. Which statement is true:

A. We did not get anything we were looking for, despite going into every store and yet I have no money left.

B. I realized exactly why I hate the mall and vowed to not go back.

C. The hubby got annoyed with our shopping style and left five minutes in,  “to get the car”.

D. I still smell the odd combination of cologne from Abercrombie and pumpkin spice candles from Bed Bath & Beyond in my nostrils and all over my clothes DAYS later.


Life doesn't get any WORSE when you get stuck holding the bag......

The kids and their cousins found our Yearbook. Which statement is true:

A. They laughed hysterically at the size of our computers. (they first had to make sure that is what those even were.

B. They laughed hysterically at every single person in the yearbook.

C. They no longer respect or trust us when it comes to fashion advice.

D. They all asked at the same time in the same tone of voice,  “WAIT, SO YOU AND AUNT MICHELLE BOTH DATED DAD??”

E. All of the above.

This is not my yearbook but I swear these are the SAME pictures..... Only in the 80's,,,,

I specifically put something somewhere when we moved so I wouldn’t lose it. Which statement is true:

A . I cannot remember where I put it FOR THE LIFE OF ME.

B. I have torn the entire house apart looking for it. Three times.

C. I have blamed each person in our family by saying that I swear I asked THEM to put it in a certain spot where it is not.

D. I was driving the hubby so crazy that he went out in the pouring rain to replace it so I would shut up.

E. All of the above.

There is no picture to describe my frustration here.

What statement describes my current pet situation?

A. We have two cats that are paid for that have been real lemons in my opinion, and one cat that just showed up and will not leave that is actually very nice. Weird how the rescue place that sold us those cats won't return our calls about the stray....

B. One of the cats I paid for has paid me back by periodically pooping at random in places that are not designated pooping areas.  I have done everything including yellow flashing lights indicating the designated area is HERE.

C. Everyone has advice on how to find a home for the stray cat, but secretly they are laughing behind my back and heaving huge sighs of relief that it is not them.  Funny, I haven't seen the neighbors lately.....

D. The kids have asked me in the last three days for the following pets: rat, turtle, bunny, dog, lizard and flamingo. 

E. All of the Above.

The hubby and I almost divorced over which of the following:

A. Our daughter asked him to sign her assignment book.

B. The hubby signed his initials in pink magic marker.

C. The teacher told our daughter to tell her Dad to sign his full name next time.

D. The hubby told our daughter to tell the teacher to write him a note about that.

E. I was present at the end of ALL OF THE ABOVE and didn’t speak to him for two days.

The picture for this one was a little violent so I scrapped it.

I am trying out Twitter. Which statement is true:

A. Several of my followers have pornographic websites in their profiles, yet their tweets are all about healthy living.

B. I tweet, wait, tweet again, wait some more and then wonder what in the hell I am doing.

C. My tweets are like being at home – no one is listening and no one really cares.

D. My tweets popped up on Facebook and I have no idea how or why. Now I feel like I am back using one of those big box computers the kids were laughing at so much. LOSER.

E. All of the above.

Now don't you all feel just a little better on Monday?

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Random Me

A great CONSISTENT blogger over at: The Woven Moments  included me in her list of other bloggers to write 7 Random Facts.  She's sweet, but I'm not sure mine are as interesting as her's. My blog is a running rant of random me but I will try to give you something you don’t already know:

I don’t cook. DON’T being the key word. I CAN, I HAVE, but it is one of the things I have completely cut out of my life and I do not know why. Don’t worry none of us are starving and I did not have a bad experience in the kitchen.  The funny thing is I love cooking shows, I love kitchens and all utensils and food in general. I can even talk about food, how to make it taste better, what to make, but when it comes to DOING IT, I’m MIA. My dislike for shopping runs over into grocery stores so that might be part of it. (and I am not a fan of making a mess) I think when I retire, I will become a baker and a cook extraordinaire – there is still time.

I often crave movies. I know it sounds weird, but randomly throughout the day, something will trigger a craving and a movie will pop into my head. Recently, I have been craving to see Gremlins. Weird, right? But I was thinking about Christmas, and then said to myself –“STOP it’s not even Halloween yet”, and Gremlins, popped into my head. The funny thing is that I rarely do watch a movie more than once –it just doesn’t have the same effect UNLESS someone else is watching it for the first time with me –then I want them to have the same reactions as I did. When people get a movie like I did it makes the movie that much better. (Watch the Elephant in the Living Room and invite me over....)

Grandma making Gang Signs

I love old people. I am a huge fan of playing old fashioned board games, bocce, cards, and bingo. Usually those are the only people that will play them with me. I love listening to their stories, and watching their faces light up with memories. I really love that they are always full of compliments yet ornery as Hell. I even love to watch them drive – I can still remember my Nannie’s hands on the steering wheel of her car at exactly three and nine o’clock. The steering wheel seemed so big in her hands and the pedals so far away from her short legs. She was so precise in her driving. Slow as well, but she noticed everything. Next time you go to Wal-Mart, why yes, that is me hanging out with the greeter. (They can be talked into a quick game of Ghost every time)

Radio Disc Jockey. That is a secret job I want.

I have a version of OCD (Out of Control Disorder) I am a control freak. It sucks. If you touch it and move it –I will move it back. It’s not that I mind you touching it, but I can’t just let you do it without me doing it too. I can walk in a room and know what has been moved or touched. It becomes a game with my family and friends. (Not a fan of this game) The nice thing is that I am super organized, everything is in order, and I have lots of sticky notes and lists to keep it that way. (I have actually been known to write down on a list to move the coasters back when the company leaves)

This kind of decorating appeals to me:

Weird, because I want to decorate with lots and lots of THINGS, but I don't want them to be moved around or touched too much.... (it's a sickness.)

I am fascinated by people who are in the circus and circuses in general.  It intrigues me.

and that is Random me.