Saturday, May 28, 2011

Good things DO NOT come easily

I knew this, but i'ts easy to forget.  It’s not like those three amazing little people that I share the house with just appeared one day. It was hard work getting them here.

Thankfully they were 7,6 and 5lbs when I brought them here.

So this week was a reminder to have faith, and good things – they don’t come easy.

On Sunday, in the middle of packing and purging, I discovered that my cat has anxiety. I discovered this after I did research on the internet on why my perfectly normal cat otherwise, decided to relieve himself on the bags and boxes I have packed, in the basement.
I had a major temper tantrum when I discovered this, threatened his life and well being in our home and then wondered what I did to deserve him. Apparently you can give your cat who thinks you are abandoning him when he sees bags, boxes, suitcases, PROZAC.  I’m NOT doing that, but what I will now have to do is hire the little people in the house as cat sitters AND find places he can’t get to, to store the packed stuff.
THAT’S IMPOSSIBLE!! I would love to give him away, but since no one gave me away, I am obligated to keep him. (Feel free to talk me out of THAT!)


On Monday we received our paint quote. What were WE thinking? It’s pretty expensive to have everything painted exactly how you want it. We’ve since compromised and picked the one room we think would be the hardest to paint that will look better when done. The rest of the rooms, well the hubby spent an entire day studying how to paint. (pure novices here)

Going for this Look

On Tuesday, we had a mortgage/appraisal snafu. Big enough to have me figuring out where to put the things we’ve bought and then panic about where we would live in a month. Let’s just say I didn’t sleep for two days, worried and had major anxiety. But in the middle of all that, our son was inducted into the National Honor Society. This is the kid who barely speaks, seems completely uninterested in ANYTHING, especially school, who applied on his own and made it. The hubby and I spent a morning in the school gym being proud parents. (Internally we were panicking/obsessing about the house - well I was anyway.)

On the way to the school that day I passed a boy on a riding lawn mower on a major road. I noticed he was wearing a backpack and then the kids excitedly told me today was Senior Drive Your Tractor to School Day. Yes, I live in a SMALL town. The parking lot was full of all kinds of tractors, heavy equipment, quads, and kids in overalls and cowboy hats. I love that the school lets them do that. It was hysterical.

Thursday, in the middle of having our son make his 6th meal from scratch for his family consumer science class (aka Home Ec) (THAT was fun- 6 meals with more than 5 ingredients from scratch), we got the good news that the snafu was over and all worked out. I stopped doing chest compressions on myself and took a very deep breath.

By Friday, I was daydreaming about where I would put my Christmas tree (s) in the new house and if I could have all of this:

Right down to the dog!


"Miss Bee" said...

Oh my gosh, you have so much to share that I don't even know where to start!

1. My dog panics and won't leave my side if she sees a suitcase. I wonder if she has pre-anxiety. Good to know.


3. As a former "Home Ec" teacher, I am proud of your son for following the rules of his home-cooking assignment! (Also, congrats on being NHS parents!)

4. Glad the money stuff worked out - even if you can only get one room professionally done! I suggest bringing your closest friends over (ones that won't get their feelings hurt when you say "the lines need to be straighter!") and have a painting party.

Kate said...

I've been wondering how your new house stuff was going. Like a roller-coaster! Drive your tractor to school day is hilarious!!

You should be proud. What an accomplishment! And to do it himself....self-motivation is a wonderful thing that will serve him as well as or better than the grades that made him eligible for the honor society.

The Schweitzers said...

Every time I see a home that I would like to move to, I think about the process and shudder. Although exciting, still a LOT of work and adjustment. Glad you still have time to blog through all of it.

.bec said...

Senior Drive Your Tractor to School Day sounds like the kind of thing that would happen in the town where I grew up! Too funny.

I'm so glad everything is slowly working out with your move. We move every few years, so I know the anxiety/excitement spells well. Continuing to wish you good luck!

Cheeseboy said...

I'm wondering who needs the anxiety medication more,you or your cat. Maybe you can get some and split it.

Doria said...

awe Im still excited for you! Sorry I've fallen behind (again) on my readings. Will catch up soon! Glad all is going well, sorry about kitty pee. good luck with that. I've actually got to find a home for my Princess aka Devil cat! :/ not happy about that one! *fingers crossed*

The Tame Lion said...

I see. Hmm, I see.

Kelley Simpson said...

Hang in there!! I posted a picture for you today on my sonflair blog! Tell me if you need any advise on the painting, I'm practically an expert now. LOL I've actually done quite a bit and know some tricks so don't hesitate to ask.

Sounds like a fantastic end of year for you all!!