Monday, June 4, 2012

Kitchen Nightmares

See that Green Book on top of the bread box?  Well, I had this bright idea on Sunday after laying around in my clean and peaceful house, that I should really do more in the kitchen. (aka I am completley incapable of relaxing so if and when I ever do, I start to *"anx-ide" about what I should be doing) *a Kristen-ism.

 What I am really saying is that I should do more involving FOOD.  In the kitchen.  Like COOK.  Or BAKE.  I have two girls - they really need a role model -That comes from behind a counter and not just a desk who happens to be a really good with a vacuum.  Like the lady on that sign up there.  

So I gathered those two girls and off we went to the Antique Store.  I bought a 1940's edition of The American Women's Cookbook.  I told the girls, the plan is, for them to pick a recipe by Thursday.  Write the shopping list. On Friday, we will shop and Friday night we will become one with the kitchen. Friday night because of the late hour we will for sure be up cooking at.  Let's see how well this one goes.... 
Blogger Fodder comin' up!

Chef #2 is way too excited about this plan.....

I also scored in mint condition a metal cake decorating/frosting/pump thingy-a-ma-bob - so cute, has all the tips and everything.  I'm gonna love using this handy dandy tool. (My Mom is on the floor in complete shock right now while reading this) 

Gonna Make these with that "tool" -
You betcha!

The best part of buying that book (other than the price -$3.00, the SMELL -oh, how I love old-book-smell, and the pictures) was that the previous owner left some of her own recipes in between the pages, a newspaper clipping of movie show times,  and a Christmas Eve Menu written on a little piece of paper:

Gelatin Salad
Assorted Sandwiches
Tuna Salad on White
Buttered Nut Bread
Cream Cheese on Brown Bread

This is a woman after my own heart!! No real cooking involved, and not much of a menu plan! I am going to love using this book that once sat in her kitchen.

I had to pick up a few other things to pretty up my kitchen and get me in "the mood". Like that sweet vintage coffee pot (hard to see but it has a glass lid)

Those gingham aprons for the girls....

These ceramic picnic plates......

My apron is ready and waiting (been hanging there for a month or so from a previous vintage shopping spree) NO, THAT IS NOT A DECORATION...

I'm pretty sure most of our endeavors will be high in fat and calories -based on the sweet tooth of my girls and those darn pictures in that book. Petit Fours here we come!


Teresa - in the Middle Side of Life said...

ooohhh... sound like fun! i brought some cookbooks home from my mom's house (had a huge garage sale) and some of them were pretty old. amy was born in 1981 so i brought her a "taste of home" book from that year. i have a lot of good "sweet" recipes.

Hey Monkey Butt said...

Must say I'm jealous of that book. WANT! What a find! I hope to hear all about this :)