Saturday, July 14, 2012

Hello Summer = Hello Stranger

welcome to summer
Summer is in full swing here -

We survived vacation. We had the best time enjoying my parents, his sister's family and his Mom. Isn't it nice when family moves to vacation destinations to LIVE??  So very thoughtful of them!
 (Hey, while going to Amish-ville Ohio may not sound overly appealing, I did my part.... kind of)

We did: Fireworks in a rainstorm, I fell in a hole, drove 2800 miles from Ohio to the Gulf to Miami to Ohio, made a quick stop to the free part of Disney and managed to spend $70 on lunch, saw the movie Brave with the only other family dumb enough to sit in an empty theater in the seats directly behind us with a fussy baby and every kind of packaged snack imaginable, swam, played cards, laughed, discovered that our real best friends really are family.

We saw: Lots of Alligators, Pelicans, Dolphin, the inter-coastal up close and personal, the beach, Savannah at night, The Everglades -up close and personal, and so much more.

While we were gone, we celebrated our one year anniversary of being home-owners. I find it hard to believe that one year ago instead of being on vacation we were in moving HELL. In this past year we have  managed to fill the house up with lots of things we love in our vintage-y style and yet we have also managed to not ever get around to painting the trim inside. (Sounds like a fun time for a winter day....)

Our next project is getting rid of the loft bed for my youngest (who just celebrated her 10th Birthday) I am so excited to not have to make that bed ever again.  It made me cry and sweat on the coolest of days.  She hasn't slept in it since the weather turned warm.......

The hubby is in the garage painting a Craig's List find for her new room - A desk.  The loft has a desk built in so when we move in the single bed we had to replace the desk.

After that of course I have lots of other plans -

See the chimney on the side? I would like to keep it of course, but build a nice porch off the side of the house with the window on the left a door way like.....

classic southern porch.

or this one:  homes

or like this one and use the chimney:

outdoor porch

and I'd love to accentuate our little house like this:

pretty firepit patio backyard area

and we have to add these wood floors:

love this tablethose floors that sign

and remember this little room, well..............................

wouldn't it look GREAT like this:

For our "pantry"

I'm excited to enjoy the rest of summer. To try to relax and enjoy (which is one of the most difficult things for me to do) Before we know it, I'll be buying school supplies.....


Hey Monkey Butt said...

Summer is great isn't it, it's hard to keep myself planted long enough to stay caught up on everything. I've a lot going on already. arg! i'm loving these ideas you have for the new house, especially that last pic :) Glad the vaca went well also. Sounds fun, but out of question for me this year!

That gentleman's lady said...

sounds like you had a great time!

congrats on one year of home ownership AND survival :P

hugs to you!

Amy Cappelli said...

So glad that you had a nice vacation with your family.

Re: loft beds and bunk beds- I'm breaking out in a sweat just recalling having to strip and re-dress the upper bunk. It was a task that always left me frustrated and uttering a few colorful words. I still maintain that changing crib sheets was worse. I bent my fingers backward once to the point where I thought I had broken them just trying to get that tight little sheet to fit.

I love your dream visions for your house. I particularly love the little office nook.