Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Today, after one of my employees requested a meeting, I found myself struggling for the right words to say when asked to please make another female employee stop farting in the office. In my memo, I used the word Flatulence, and then I complimented her on a good job done elsewhere. I wrote and re-wrote that email for well over an hour. Then I hit send in a moment of frustration that I was actually spending time on something like that.
I discovered last night that someone didn't become my friend on facebook. It was someone that I was friends with in high school and early part of college and it was all my fault that we stopped talking, but I didn't think he wouldn't want to be friends...... Now I'm perplexed on what did I REALLY do, and why do I let facebook get to me like that?
I'm perplexed on the behavior of people. And you?

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