Friday, July 17, 2009


I'm lucky to have a husband who will come home from work, see that the basement is flooded with water, call me and warn me what I will be walking into and start to clean it up.
I'm lucky to have two daughters who were bribed into cleaning their messes by being able to use the video camera to make movies that I can watch over and over again as though I like them as much as a movie I could be watching at the theatre with the sexy man sucking up water in the basement.
I'm lucky that I have a job that is so busy and time consuming I can work on it in my spare time this weekend.
I'm lucky I have a son who calls my calm, water sucking husband to ask if he can be reimbursed for the burger he is about to buy with his own money.
I'm lucky the two appointments I made at my Dr.'s request to have my boobs squished and flattened and my uterus scanned will be in two weeks first thing in the morning.
I'm lucky it's Friday and I am at home, cleaning the house, with only the plans of an 85 year old's birthday party to look forward to.
Yep, today, I would say I am "Lucky" and you?

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