Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Newly Motivated

I'm back. I promise to make this a regular visit. Today on my way to work I had a writer's moment. For me, it is when I think of a plot for my yet unwritten novels and it unravels in my head. So this was a really good one and I'm getting more and more creative all while I sat still in front of a green light. Whoops!
We are leaving for my first vacation in 5 years on Friday! The craziness of packing, planning, cleaning, laundry, yelling, and eye twitching has begun.
The dresser in the bedroom is piled high with more clothes than will ever fit in our one suitcase. Thank god for laundry baskets - what we like to call red-neck luggage. By the way, do you not LOVE the smell of your suitcase? It always smells like vacations past. I also love finding things in them - Like a perfectly folded pair of socks into the size of a quarter, or soap from the hotel.
Of course after a snowy/cold winter, it will be 78 degrees as we leave heading for Florida and from it sounds like slightly lower temps. I don't care, I'm excited to just hang out with the kids, see my parents, argue with my hubby and not having to clean the house! We have Disney on our schedule for two days. Unfortunately with it being Spring Break, it will be crowded, but again, I am taking a non-caring attitude on anything that could put a damper on my fun.
A vacation for us is like holding off on paying the bills in order to store up memories.
So if you ask me today, I am newly motivated to write, to lessen the amount of clothes in the pile to be packed, to try not to stress pre-vacation, to not throw the TV remote at the TV during American Idol, to start that novel, and to enjoy my vacation as though it is my last!
How are you?

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