Wednesday, May 12, 2010


My niece invited me to her school fashion show.  She took Home EC -oops, I am not allowed to call it Home EC - it is now called Consumer Science something or other.... Anyway, I wasn't expecting a whole lot - I figured the kids were going to show off the aprons they made.  WELL, not quite!  They had a real runway, all lit up and an amazing backdrop they all designed.  Each student walked the runway modeling the clothes they made to very loud and fun music.  The kids were so much more outgoing than I ever remember being at that age. Some of the kids danced and were not embarrassed with themselves at all.  The audience was really getting into it to, which made it even more fun.  Major kudos to the teacher who must spend hours of her own time every day working with the kids and she made everything so RELEVANT.  Lots of  boys and girls. They made aprons, dresses, coats, shirts, you name it.  I was INSPIRED.  Not to sew my own clothes or anything, but to just go back to when I was confident enough and believed in myself that I can do anything I want.  So back to blogging for me, hoping that I get motivated to write that book yet. 
I'm not sure what it is about going to school functions, but no matter what, I have a hard time sitting through them without getting a huge lump in my throat and wanting to have a good old cry.  Even if I do not know any of the kids, it's something about seeing a child performing something in front of the audience, it is such a pure experience.  This makes me feel very uncool but I guess it's my kryptonite - school functions, gets me every time!

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