Saturday, July 3, 2010

Red, White and Blue

RED - My toes are now a bright red.  I got a pedicure and instead of my normal color - "Magnifcent on the Miracle Mile" the well-meaning girl thought I needed something a little younger looking....My daughter agreed that it wasn't my color and now I am stuck with it for a few weeks.... This is why I need to stick to my own personal style.

WHITE - I just got done wiping melted marshmellow off my lips from our campfire, and brushing ashes from my hair.  The lightening bugs were just waking up and the sparkling lights in the trees were amazing.  We roasted hot dogs and the girls played with sparklers. It was fun until the mosquitos started eating me alive...

BLUE - The color of every member in my family's eyes. Today at lunch, I looked at my husband's face and his blue eyes were amazing.  Then I looked at my kids faces and their eyes were amazing, and even though I may not be completely thrilled with my looks, I might have amazing blue eyes too.
Have a Happy a safe Fourth and Celebrate your Independence thanks to so many men and women who fought and are fighting for us.

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