Sunday, May 16, 2010

Dreaming Again

This is a great blog, by the way : "Happy Loves Rosie".
Yesterday, was a sunny slightly warmer day, one of the best days we have had in several weeks.  Don mowed the lawn, I got my toes done and we had a fire with hot dogs and smores.  While we were sitting around the fire, I was looking at this part of our yard - its kind of a hidden oasis, you can't see it from the road or the driveway, just the back windows of our house, and it is a perfect patch of grass and trees, with the fire pit.  Between two of the trees, I decided, is the perfect spot for my travel trailer.  Just like the one in the picture here and I'd take the little dog too.  I would hang a hammock nearby, and this is where I would come to read, write my book, take a nap, have tea, play cards by candle light, have drinks with friends, and have a romantic interlude with my hubby.  I just wish someone had one they needed me to take off their might look like any of these:

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