Friday, June 24, 2011

Mother and Wife of the Year -Offers Moving Tips.

My Moving Tips

1. If in doubt, throw it out. (preferably when the kids aren’t looking)

2. Pack a lot of things in see-through garbage bags, this way if you want to throw something out, you can tell the kids, you are PACKING it, not throwing it away. (throw in a good DUH and roll of the eyes for a convincing performance.)

3. Caution: If you follow the rule of throwing out what doesn’t fit right now, you may not have much clothing to even move.

4. Use all of the stupid T-shirts your husband wears but you hate, as buffers for the breakables, then toss them with the empty box.

5. Convince your son that his sister’s bed is way better than his so he trades and you don’t have to buy a bed to fit in the new room.

6. Convince the hubby that the people moving in after you NEED all of the curtains – then you don’t have to wash them, iron them and you can get new ones.

7. Convince the hubby the curtains at the new house won’t cover well enough for true intimacy after he tells you new curtains are not in the budget and then you can get new ones.

8. Tell the kids “we are getting a new house” every time they ask you to buy something for them.

9. Tell the kids if they help with the move, the rewards will be amazing.

10. For up to one year after the move, tell the kids, “We have a NEW house”……. every time they ask for something new.

11. Tell the hubby for up to one year, “but I’m so tired from moving.”

12. Don’t let the kids or hubby read your blog.

and maybe get a Uhaul


The Woven Moments said...

Oh, moving. I rue the day that I became too old to bribe my friends with pizza and beer. Rue, I say!

The Schweitzers said...

Dang, can't use packing tape for painful practical jokes? Who knew? I once saw a mattress on top of a small sedan-type vehicle The driver and passenger each had one hand out the window holding there. Needless to say, when I later passed them in the ditch getting their mattress I had a good laugh.

A Cappelli said...

Love this!
We did a mini move the other day. Annalee was moved from the third floor (where she shared the space with Henry) to the second floor into her old bedroom which had become Violet's room- and is now the GIRL's room. Anyway, Annalee is a frickin hoarder and I told her that she needed to unload some of the lovely items she had collected over the past year. I wish I had video taped the drama, the epic meltdowns, the mourning for each and every item that no longer worked and that I deemed unfit to stay. It makes for great entertainment when you are not in the throes of it. So, my point is I should have followed your first rule and made a clean sweep while she was still in school.

Teresa - in the Middle Side of Life said...

LOL - that is all so true! good luck with the move. i'm still recovering from ours and i still have stuff to find a home for. yuck.

Emom said...

Good luck....smiles.

Cheeseboy said...

Wait, so wives hate tee shirts? I had no idea.

I honestly hope my wife never reads this.

.bec said...

SO funny!! Won't it be nice when this is behind us? :)

kt moxie said...

Awesome list. Great idea on the see-through bags! And the curtains!

Michael said...

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