Monday, June 20, 2011

Waiting …..Not so Patiently

I am not a patient person. If you had to name some virtues of mine, patience wouldn’t make the list.

As of tomorrow I will have 10 days until the big move. I am not sure I can wait. My brain is on over-drive. I even bought a book to see if I could be distracted. I can’t even stand the thought of sitting down to read it though.

This is coming from the girl who has moved over 13 times. You would think I would be used to it by now. Maybe because the kids are no longer hands-on and I have more brain cells to think/worry/obsess with??

They are patiently waiting for a small porton of a poor version of a slurpy - Note, I am NOT in this picture.

I don’t remember being this excited even though I am certain at some point I was. I feel a little ADD – bouncing from having to do one thing and thinking of ten more, then I forget where I started and pretty soon there are three boxes with one thing in them each in three different rooms and I’m holding a handful of pieces/parts that belong to something but I can’t remember where I put it.

Its important to have a few surprise bags from Target to open when unpacking - OH YEAH, I forgot I bought that!!

Since this is the longest amount of time we have been in one place, we have accumulated a lot more and become pretty disorganized. (Don’t worry – those of you who know me –I know you are laughing right now, YES, I have found many things OUT of PLACE, believe it or not!)

I spent at least an hour sifting through a box of cards, letters, and mementos I found at the top of my closet. Geez, was I dramatic when I was dating the hubby. At some point I must have put the letters I sent to him before he was the hubby in my box of things. How did he ever put up with me?? I had to stop reading them because I was getting embarrassed.

Then I found a box of the kid’s letters to Santa, artwork, cards and various pieces of handmade treasures. When you look back at this stuff and realize they will never be that young, you want to display it all over the house. I do have an idea for some of it though.

This made me feel a little bit better about the mound of hard work just sitting in a closet somewhere.

Since by now you understand what an OCD control freak I can be, I typed up a big note with our new address on it and while we were in the car taking a break, I told the kids to memorize it. Within moments we were all hysterically laughing about the name of our new street. The hubby was relaying how he sounded saying the street name to all of the utilities people and then having to explain himself.


You try saying that one in the middle of an address: (for example: 123 Cheshire St.)

 is it:



or Chesh IRE?

Pretty soon we couldn’t stop trying it in all the different ways with different emphasis and we sounded like a bunch of idiots after awhile. In the middle of the laughing and chanting, I was trying to explain the Cheshire cat and how if you smiled real big and made your lips really thin, you could say Cheshire perfectly. (I know you are trying it right now)

which really made everyone laugh and then every part of our address came out with the CH sound in front of it so we sounding like a bunch of no lipped wierdos.
We will never be able to say the name of our street normally again.

Despite the craziness, disorganization, anxiety and worry, I think we will all remember this time. How could we forget?


Teresa - in the Middle Side of Life said...

that's one way to lighten the mood! lol! it's sort of like bellefontaine - where does the emphasis go? or, if you're in kansas, you pronounces the river as "arKANSAS" and the city "arKANSAS City." Not ARKansas.

Doria said...

Awe you're doing such an awesome job! Still excited for your move. Congrats again and *hugs*

Oilfield Trash said...

Good luck on the big move.

The Schweitzers said...

A) I want a slurpy machine
B) I say Ches SHIRE (or the last one on that list)
C) Next time I move, I'm calling you.

Kate said...

OK, that made me laugh. I was totally trying to do that, even though I have no idea what you really meant. And, for the record, I'd say CHESH-ur.

Moving is so much work...and so exciting! I wish we were moving...and if we were I'd be ready to shoot myself, since we BOTH know I'm the anti-Kristen when it comes to organization!

Diplo_Daddy said...

So you're packing up and moving too? Well, that makes two of us....

.bec said...

I'm excited to see how our moves turn out...we're literally moving within a couple of days of one another. I'm sure we'll both document the moves well. We're almost there (I'm impatiently counting down the days too)!!

A Cappelli said...

That picture (waiting for slurpy) is so funny. And, yes, I was testing out my pronunciation of Cheshire with my best catty grin. Now I am confused about how I've always said it- I think I'm going to go with ches- SHIRE.

We moved into our current home 3 years ago. When we were packing to move-going through 12 years of accumulation was so emotionally difficult. I made the decision to let go of so many "tangible memories" (pieces of the kids' artwork, old letters from different times in my life, my college notebooks that I thought would come in handy one day- but never did, etc). It was cathartic and painful at the same time. But the worst part was that we were also trying to sell the house that we were leaving- so, it was impossible to pack and keep the house looking like an inviting home at the same time.

I am so excited for your family. Continuing to wish you a peaceful move and a lovely beginning in your new home.

Cheeseboy said...

You've got some great tips to make moving bearable. Hope it goes smoothly and you have much more from Target than you bargained for.