Wednesday, September 14, 2011

TAKE your kids to a Concert

When it was just the hubby, our first born and I, we went to Disney World every year. Then we had two more kids and we watch Disney movies on DVD instead because they are just slightly less expensive than the trip.

When our son watched Barney 24/7 as a little guy, we added Universal Studios to our trip so he could see the real thing. I think he stopped watching Barney after that trip.

The day I came home from the hospital with our second born, I took the first one to the movies because the hubby thought he needed to know I was still there for just him.

A week later I took the first born who had been telling me how much he hated me to a live Blue Clues show.

(I couldn’t tell you one thing about either of those events except the little guy told me he hated me for having THAT baby on both of the rides home)

The hubby has camped out in front of the Game Store for the newest video game releases.

Our son has had nicer phones and gadgets than either of us have.

We have bought and re-sold mini-motorcycles, three and four wheelers and everything on wheels for the last 14 years. Unfortunately, I am pretty sure all of the wheels in this house will not pay for the third car we will soon have to buy.

The kids wear the name brands now and I get a new shirt at Target every few months. I think the hubby bought his last name brand clothing in the 90’s.

I am currently planning how I am going to spend my time in the car waiting while our son rides his bike at an indoor track in the middle of the NO WHERE all winter long.

But my latest #1 Mom moment occurred last night when I took our oldest to his first concert. My Chemical Romance and Blink 182.

I am a pretty hip momma – I love alternative rock music, know how to use and where to get the latest gadgets and feel like I keep up with the trends and times. When I bought the tickets a few months ago I was excited that this was a good mix of what we like and what our son likes.

I DID NOT however, think about WHAT THE HELL I WOULD WEAR TO A ROCK CONCERT (where the majority of the attendee’s are under 20.)

Like I said, I am trendy and hip in MY MIND, and I think I look OK , But I stopped shopping for trendy clothes when the kids needed clothed. This called for something a little more thought out than a Target T-Shirt. After an emergency meeting of the minds, the thoughtful hubby picked me up a Harley Davidson shirt that cost more money than the darn concert tickets.

The concert was at an outdoor arena and we paid top dollar for the parking and the low price for lawn seats. (typical adult thing to do) But when we got there and the darkening clouds were threatening a grassy mud fest on a steep hill, we upgraded our tickets and were able to sit right by the stage UNDER the pavilion. It never did rain, but the upgrade was worth it.
Travis Barker can play the drums like a mad man and I feel like I saw a little piece of history in the making.

Our son had a smile as wide as a dollar bill on his face the whole time.

And, don’t worry, our youth, despite the low pants, tattoo’s, dark clothing, and weird hair, they are just fine. I saw more drunk passed out people at the Dave Matthews concert last year than I did last night. The only people causing any kind problems were my age. The crowd was as amazing as the bands. I had needlessly prepped our son on what he might see at a concert and he didn’t see any of it (he must really wonder what we did when we were younger…..)

I had so much fun, and despite the ringing in my ears, and still seeing strobe lights when I blink, guess what I am doing tonight? Looking for the next concert to go to. It was that much fun. Even if I only had four hours of sleep and had to go to work today.

Moms and Dads – take your kids to a concert. Enjoy their music and interests. They fall from your tree, so there is bound to be some similarities in interests.

It was one of the best decisions I ever made.

For a little taste of what we saw you can check out this video:
(posted by someone I do not know at same concert, who is much cooler than me (our vids didnt come out so good) Thanks!


Oilfield Trash said...

I am actually taking my kids to see Incubus in two weeks. They love them as much as I do. It was what they (read I bought myself) got me for fathers day.

Teresa - in the Middle Side of Life said...

well said! i totally agree with ya!

BeckEye said...

Yeah, you never forget your first concert! Mine was Rick Springfield. *swoon*

Kate said...

I love this. You are an awesome mom. :)

The Schweitzers said...

One word...awesome.

That gentleman's lady said...

You get the good momma award :) My parents would have freaked at the idea of taking me to a concert....

.bec said...

Great Mom moment for sure!

Leslie said...

I always take my kids to concerts. We LOVE going. I would really like to see MCR in concert. I missed it last time they were here.