Saturday, September 3, 2011

Does the Fair have Snake Charmer's do you think?

It’s Fair Time

Our county fair is this weekend and since we moved, we are now just down the street from its entrance. Not quite close enough to make money on parking on our lawn like all the other people are doing, but close enough to walk.

Doesn’t a county fair just make you feel good? Despite the itchy eyes, dust, dirt, mud, occasional slur, (I mean any hoot or hollar is kind of worth it)  and witnessing of gluttony, there is just something about a fair.

I love looking at the horses, and cows – well, it is kind of hard explaining to the kids to walk quickly in case of a kick, blow-out or gusher. It would be NICE even to see their heads and not their hinds, but still, the sheer size of those animals is cool to see even if you are speed walking through the barn.

Then there are the pigs, goats, sheep, chickens and bunnies. If you can stand the smell in the 100% humidity. I still imagine a Charlotte up in the corner of a stall somewhere…..

The food of course is always once in a year worthwhile. If you don’t mind the lack of napkins and place to sit and eat it properly. Just don’t wear a shirt you love. It might break the bank, but fair fries, funnel cakes, Italian sausage and lemonade are just so good and worth it.  (  I said we walked there, right?? )

This year I actually walked through the buildings where they had iron workers, tree carvers, quilters, weavers, broom makers, and candle stick makers. All the dying arts. This was helpful when trying to avoid the rides and games section. The kids were too tired and hot to complain about my rule when it comes to rides and games.

Did you know you can enter hay, wax carvings, bread, and photography into the fair?? Yes, HAY.

So tonight we are attending the Demolition Derby and if you know me you know that I have this weird love of destruction-sports – camper pulls, figure eight races, and demo’s.

And of course the kids have earned a few dollar bills for the games section that I have said no about a thousand times over.

But after a week of the following, a good old fashioned fair is exactly what a good psychiatrist would order:

We started the week with the third day of school and a call off already. Looks like we are going to have to cut milk out of my daughter’s diet and see if that works.

I had a few work days from hell and then one of my vendors sent me an email that was like reading the funniest blog post ever. I thought how dare he be wittier and funnier than I am, and he doesn’t even write a blog! But he did make me laugh out loud in the middle of a miserable day.

And then.......
and then folks - this is the real clincher of the week:

 I got a phone call from my daughter who claimed that she found some SNAKE SKIN on the floor of her bedroom. Of course I told her NOOOOO, it’s something else for sure.

After a little yes and no and your crazy’s,  I asked her to put her pessimistic brother on the phone. As predicted, as he walked to the crime scene he told me there was no way it was snake skin. And then, yes then, He said:
         “That’s definitely snake skin, Mom.

So I hung up and went back to work in complete denial.

When I got home the snake skin was in a plastic container and the scene of the crime-  my daughter’s American Girl Doll bed,  was shown to me.

ARE YOU KIDDING RIGHT NOW?? I have a snake in my house????

This so called skin was definitely the real thing. American Girl Rebecca could have a nice pair of snake skin shoes if she wanted to!!

This house of mine, that I adore…. is giving me something to write about isn’t it?

A freaking snake in the house. Somewhere, lurking.

You know, I have cleaned this house from top to bottom several times. We have been in every nook and cranny. Where on earth is this snake??

So now I am on my way to the fair to try to relax, to try to stop my nervous break down…. And to make sure no one gets their shoes dirty while finding a snake charmer.....

and I thought Maple Queen was bad......


Sarah G said...

My skin in crawling from your snake story. *gah* I hope you find it before it finds you!

That gentleman's lady said...

Aaaah! Snakeskin in your house!!! Worse, a snake that sleeps on an american girl doll bed...

Run away now!!!!

The Schweitzers said...

Love the photos! I look at the pig one and think, "Pig down! Pig down!" Good luck with the snake. You have cats, right?

Doria said...

Oh our county fair is coming this month. Im so excited! It will be AWESOMENESS! Thats yuck about the snake skin. Eeeeep! Good luck!

.bec said...

Aahhh!! I hope you find the snake soon!! Or better yet, I hope you've already found it and you're working on your "how I disposed of the snake in my house" post. :)