Friday, December 2, 2011

Let's Laugh

I'm useless lately at coming up with witty things to say, so I'll let my friends do it for me:

Then there is this story from my brother:

I'm pretty sure this is what facebook was invented for...
So I'm coming home from a nice dinner with clients on the west side. I'm dropping off one of my principals at Quail Hollow Hotel and I'm suddenly not feeling well at all. I drop him of and get back on 90 and break out in a full sweat. I'm feeling equal pressure on both ends and now I've got the car doing 110 to make my exit. I pull off the exit and have the car in a full slide while I'm trying to get the door open. I stop and open the door only to forget to undo my seatbelt so I try to stop the puking process by putting my hand over my mouth... So I've now sprayed my entire interior with high pressure puke. I get some out the door but I can feel serious pressure coming from my ass so I race home doing 85 down country winding roads with my windshield steering wheel and whole interior covered in puke. I make it home by the grace of God and then for the next 4 hours rid my body of anything that slightly resembles liquid.

Wife of the year, cleans the major chunks and 90% of puke from my car while it's 30F outside! Thanks Lover!!!!!

For Sale 2008 Audi A4 that may take on a whole new dimension when it gets to be 85F :)
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    •  oh no!!!! This post has made my day! F__ing hilarious!!! I hope you are felling better Mike!!! Poor Bri... new boots/handbag & jewelry or something for her!
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    • LMAO !
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    •  thanks for sharing
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    •  that's awesome
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    •  This is exactly what FB is for...and to let everyone know that Nick prefers men.
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    •  holy shit mike, i hope it wasn't the deer meat! feel better
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    • The only thing grosser than vomit? Someone else's vomit.

      Emily, i love the way you think. Nick, you could make a little money on this deal. It was pretty bad.
      Jud, it was the exact opposite of awesome.
      Michael, I love you (obviously) and am glad you're better.
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    •  These are my favorite kind of posts. Bri, at least it wasn't the other end you were cleaning up after.... ;)
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    •  That would have been easier!!!
      Wouldn't have made it onto the windshield, air vents and every frickin knob on the dashboard...
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    •  well.... you never know,,,, you have heard the Rowellsl use the term Ballistic before, right?

and Finally -
I had 4 minor heart attacks on the way home from work:

Driving, pitch black, Police light suddenly directly behind me.  I think, CRAP, there goes the rest of the Christmas money.  Pull over, and police car races past me.  WHEW.  Heart Attack 1.

Driving, pitch black, DEER RUNS DIRECTLY IN FRONT OF MY CAR, slam on breaks, his buddy runs directly in front of the car behind me.  (They probably had a heart attack too)

Get to my town square, pitch black out, CAT RUNS IN FRONT OF MY CAR.

Get into the house, MY cat has gotten into the Christmas Tree. Branches, Ornaments, Lights all over the place.

So Laugh, because it is all you can really do....
Have a great weekend.


Doria said...

OMG thats an awesome story about the race home and all the mishaps, so sorry it happened, but it made me LOL. :)

The Schweitzers said...

Some of the best posts come from unintended resources! Love the post.

♥ Braja said...

Love that Ditto sign: that's what I'd do :)

That gentleman's lady said...

Thats a lot of heart attacks :(


Also... facebook is great for sharing funny photos. Some of my friends have entire albums of them!

Kate said...

I love it when the comments are as funny as the initial post. And as for your heart attacks, looks like someone is looking out for you. Well, except the cat, who maybe has it in for you. :)