Saturday, June 2, 2012

Free Admission

I relate so much to the scene in the movie Parenthood, when Steve Martin describes life as a roller coaster. 

I feel like I’m either going uphill tentatively and nervously, or downhill thrilled and excited.  I’m either spinning in circles, or upside down.  I’m anxious, elated, scared, asking myself what am I doing, why I did this, or thanking God I’m so lucky.

So I figure I should share the ride with someone – this is what this week’s coaster felt like:

We celebrated Memorial Day at my brother’s who lives in the country.  He has the perfect country house, pool, and yard where there is always some kind of activity going on: dirt biking, shooting guns and the breeze, rhino mudding, swimming, corn hole, pedal-boating in the lake, and so much more.  Between all of that, the amazing food, and great company, it was the perfect start to summer. It was also 90+ degrees.

My Niece graduated from high school.  She is the oldest of my brothers’ and my kids.  I am so proud of her and am so thankful that the younger kids have such an amazing cousin to look up to. 

My daughter graduated from 6th grade.  High school here starts in 7th grade......

I held a little piece of heaven in the form of a two week old baby.  Not every two week old baby is perfectly chubby with curly hair.  This baby was absolutely perfect in every way.  It has been so long since I held a newborn!  I miss that kind of amazing moment in life when you see how beautiful and perfect life can be.

7 point 5 hours later my own kids called my cell phone SCREAMING that there was a squirrel running loose in the house and mud all over the place.  By the week’s end it was 60 and rainy.  
Turns out the “Squirrel” was a chipmunk.  But he WAS in the house for what seems like a good portion of the day and we have NO IDEA how on earth he got in there.  
I have had no sign of other creatures gaining entry.  I am almost wondering if our two spoiled house-bound kitties opened the door for a little Friday fun.  He was rescued by the turtle saving hubby in perfect condition. (side note: I did see a turtle on my home from work this week and tried to get Super-Turtle-Saverman to come to his rescue, but he said he had to draw the line somewhere.)

In between all of that, I bought shoes and a graduation outfit with the $29 left in the bank account before pay day, was chauffeured (and impressed) by my  temporary driver status son, gathered stuff for a garage sale a neighbor is having next weekend (and spent most of the day being completely annoyed by the fact that in less than 1 year in our new house we have actually accumulated stuff to put into a garage sale) was bummed when an employee told me he was leaving for a different job, was completely pissed when a co-worker showed me the guys face that was eaten off by another guy (he thought it was the funniest thing that although I seem tough, I really cannot handle anything gory WHATSOEVER and it’s going to take me MONTHS to get that image out of my brain!)

It’s funny.  Every single day we have the most mundane to miraculous things happen.  Maybe it’s not always a rollercoaster, some weeks are more like a carnival side show, and some as simple and sweet as a Pony Ride.
Enjoy your coaster and if you need a buddy - I'm glad to come along with.


Hey Monkey Butt said...

My life seems to always be a roller coaster, carny show. Never fails!! I'm a little jealous of your 90 degree weather! It was windy and cool today, not happy!

No zombies showed up for the party tonight, dang walking dead people!

Amy Cappelli said...

It always seems like a carnival around here. I can step into one space and enjoy a sweet pony ride with one kiddo and then step into another space minutes later and be thrust on the Tilt-a-Whirl. I guess we kind of need the roller coaster now and again- to appreciate when the ride is sweet and slow.

Teresa - in the Middle Side of Life said...

roller coaster - perfect description of life. not always thrilling and fun, but definitely a ride!

love the image in my mind of the new baby. i'm hoping that i'm able to go visit our newest grandbaby next month.

Kate said...

I know EXACTLY what you mean...right down to the hatred of all things gory.