Sunday, April 10, 2011

Gold Linings

A little digging in the jewelry box and guess what happens? $600 is what happens! That chunk of change pays for clothes for our Spring Break trip and covers some bills. (Unfortunately, I have one child who is exactly in-between sizes, so I am currently trying to shrink the three pairs of shorts I just bought her)

A funny irony is that while clothes shopping, the hubby was accosted in the restroom by someone asking him to buy some gold necklaces which were wrapped in newspaper. Of course he declined despite our recent success. However, I just might go back to the jewelry box to dig a little deeper…. (Seriously, some of the stuff we exchanged were necklaces from high school!)

PS – Check out my new pic on the right – My amazing nephew made this new graphic. I absolutely cannot stand any picture ever taken of me; however, I think he did a pretty good job and coming from me, my toughest critic, that’s saying something! Thanks Chase! (I see yet another title among many in your future!)

Today was the first warm day our part of the world has seen since October. Normally we will have a fluke warm day in January or February, but that didn’t happen this year. It went from 50’s yesterday to very close to 80 today. Better than ANY reality TV shows you can watch, is driving around in mid east America on the first warm day in many, many months.

Break out the wife beaters! Get some air in your lungs and starting blowing up the baby pool! Send the kids outside in whatever might fit –even if it is snow pants and no shirt. (I’m only exaggerating a teeny tiny bit here) But it was fun to see every single person come out of their “dens” and feel the instant summer breeze. Windows were open even if the screens weren’t in place yet. Impromptu baseball games were formed, yard work was commencing. Not a single car window was up, and outside eating sections were full even if they hadn’t yet had their spring cleaning.

Unfortunately for our part of the world, this kind of weather will not be long lived. It’s going to be up and down for another month, but it was a nice sneak peek and on a Sunday too! (I did see one lone wooden snowman hanging on for dear life)

 Personally, I would prefer a steady 65 degrees all spring long, because I’m not quite ready to be hot. Believe it or not, it was actually hot at some point today. I might have broken a sweat- and I really dislike sweating…..


The Schweitzers said...

Seriously, I need to meet you in person some day. You have the same outlook as I do! Congrats on the jewelry...I'm pretty sure mine is all "gold colored."

Oilfield Trash said...

Yay for warm weather.

Cheeseboy said...

Awesome. My wife beaters are hanging up to dry.

The Reckmonster said...

Love the new pic! Looks fabulous! Dang...maybe I should go digging in my jewelry box too. I have so many "lost" earrings and broken chains - after reading the cash in story you told, it might be worth my while. :)

.bec said...

Love your new picture!