Friday, April 15, 2011

Spring Break!! Ain't what it used to be.......

Then vs. NOW

Then: Destination: Daytona & Panama Beach or bust.

NOW: Still going to Florida........ To my parents.  In a small town you may not have ever heard of.

Then: Bus trip. Talked Bus driver into playing Journey non-stop. Bus driver picked up lady right inside of  Daytona,  who rode the rest of the way on his lap.

Now: Honda Odyssey. Will have to put up with non stop Fox News radio since the driver is the hubby, who won’t have anyone on his lap at anytime. Guaranteed. (there will be three kids in the car- I’m adventurous, but not in front of the kids)

Then: Drinking. Throwing Up. Hangovers.

Now: I have a child who gets car sick. By the time we get to my parents I will need a drink. Maybe enough for a hangover. Recovery time might take longer.
Then: Bikinis.

Now: Not a Bikini.

Yep. Things change.

I am looking forward to my vacation. My parents are more fun than anyone I ever went on Spring Break with and I won't have to hold their hair back, or carry them to bed. (I HOPE!)

I am cautiously, apprehensively, nervously looking forward to 24hrs in the car with three kids and a hubby. I have already bribed everyone into being good. I told them when we leave, I will give everyone 25 single dollar bills. If you whine, annoy, ask are we there yet in the first 12 hours, cry, fart, spill, tease, aggravate, or wiggle, you lose a dollar. Whoever has the most dollars when we arrive to our destination, wins the dollars I took.

All three kids have developed ways in which they will win this game.

I’m kind of scared.

It’s bound to beat the time we drove home from Spring Break and stopped in every single state to do something fun and still made it home in 15 hours. (This included bowling in Georgia,  and seeing a movie in South Carolina)
Is it Spring Break or Bust for you?


Doria said...

Our spring break has came and went, way to fast. It was fun though. I guess, we made sure to hit up 6 flags, I blogged some on that. shrugs, we're more summer travelers I think! Safe trip! HAVE FUN!

"Miss Bee" said...

The 25 dollar game is the best thing I've ever heard of. Does it include your husband?

Have fun!!!

The Woven Moments said...

We are headed out tomorrow morning. There's nothing that dozens of juice boxes and obscene amounts of goldfish can't fix, right?

Oilfield Trash said...

Spring break is just a myth of my past life now.

A few years ago I took my kids to Destin for spring break. While I was there I wanted to go hang with the college kids and get trashed. But I didn't. I guess it is old age sitting in.

Kate said...

Your $25 game is BRILLIANT. Love your then vs. now comparison. It also makes me a little sad for my lack of a misspent youth.

Then: Babysitting
Now: at least my kids go back to school one day before I do

I only have five days total for spring break, including the weekend. My husband is dead set against missing Easter at his mom's house, or maybe we'd go visit my cousin in New Orleans where I've never been and would love to go. My MIL is willing to watch my 7 year old one day this week while I'm still working but has to wait to see when my SIL wants to take off before she'll commit to watching him the only day my teenagers aren't able to Easter with my cousin currently sounds FAR more appealing than with this woman who's going to force me to either pay half of what we pay for a week of before/after school care OR take my son to work with me during a time when I come home crying every day because it's been so rough. Grrr.

Did you say something about drinks? :)

Cheeseboy said...

I never once went to Florida or Mexico on spring break. But oddly, I did wear bikinis.

.bec said...

I love the $25 deal! I may have to implement that one. Have a great vacation!

Kimmie said...

Have a good time!

Farthest I went this spring break was to drop off and pick up my kids 1 1/2 hours away. Which is probably farther than I ever went "then". I led a sheltered life that only went as far as the mall.

The Schweitzers said...

You are a brave, brave woman.

Stacey said...

I have never actually done anything for spring break. I feel so boring right now.

Kelley said...

I am SO not surprised that you have fun parents!

Kelley Simpson said...

Fox news, you say? You are so right, I think our husbands may have been twins separated at birth. 24 hours... I will remember to say a prayer or two for you ALL during that time. Hang in there, it's gonna be GREAT!

Anonymous said...

A creaking door hangs long on its hinges.