Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Say my NAME!

Does anyone else have this problem?  Listen to this song....

My hubby never says my name.

OK, to be fair, he might say my name once or twice a month, but somehow I always seem to miss it.  It's kind of like seeing a rainbow or shooting star - "Where, where, I didn't SEE it!!"

This is something I have noticed over the years.  I often wonder things like:
Did he forget my name?
Does he have a girl friend and he doesn't want to confuse our names so he just doesn't ever say mine?
Does he not like my name?
Maybe he calls me something else inside his head?  (besides the derogatory on most days) maybe I am more like a Jewel or Stella or Jennifer to him.
Is Kristen a hard name to say?

I always picture us as an old couple rocking away on the front porch one day (some day FAR FAR FAR into the future) and I wonder what he will refer to me as.  Old Lady? 

My co-worker and I have a little skit we often play out when we are having a stressful moment.  It's based on a story she told me about her deceased husband's parents.  It goes like this:
"BOB! (said BOOOOOOOOOOBBBBBBBBBB in a sweet twang)"
"Bob, come heeerrreeee" (sing-song-y twang)
"Aw Hell Lil, whatdoyawant?" (Twang, not so much sing song-y)
and she wanted him to come and open a jar of pickles or something else equally trivial.  Of course he was always just about to sit down to watch Jeopardy, read the paper, or have a moment to himself in the bathroom, but good ole Bob came hobbling over every damn time he heard his name.

My own grandparents were famous for this act -
"RAYMEEEEEEE......." "Get the TV trays from the basement would you?"
and Ray would argue (practically tackle) with you about getting them himself.  Years later I discovered he wanted to get the TV trays because he could sneak a quick swig and take drag before making the hike back up the basement stairs with 6 TV trays while  his name was being called - "Raymeeee, where are you?"

Now my parents, well they call each other all kinds of names.  My Mom's name is Georgia Diane.  My Dad is William or Bill.  They call each other George and Charlie.

My brother's call me Kristy-Sue. My middle name is not Sue.  The full name is:
 Kristy-Sue you smell like poo and no one is ever going to marry you. ( I told THEM..... no one is ever going to marry you and say your name!)

My Mom calls me Krissy.  I especially loved this name being called from across the mall.

I had a boss who called me Red.

I have a customer who insists on calling me Kristie Brinkley because he likes to dream that I look like her.  He once asked me to call him Billy. FOR REAL.

My hubby, he just doesn't ever really call me - and not by my name.


Sarah G said...

I will refer to my husband by name when talking about him but very rarely actually use it when talking *to* him. I have a brother by the same name so in the beginning it was just too weird and now after 17 yrs it's just habit.

Teresa - in the Middle Side of Life said...

ron doesn't say my name too often these days but that's ok because it means that he's doing more things for himself. yay!

ron's middle name is regge. funny thing is, we met and married within 19 days and i'd never met anyone in his family except his mom/step-dad. one night, the phone rings and this woman's voice says "hello, can i talk to regge?" i very politely said that i was sorry but she had the wrong number and hung up.

the phone rang again; again i told her that i was sorry but she had the wrong number and hung up.

the 3rd time the phone rang, she said, "this is ron's sister vicki; i grew up calling him regge. is he there?" of course, she didn't laugh nearly as much THEN as we did later in life.

Doria said...

Hmmm, I don't think Ive given this much though actually, but don't hear my name very often at home either. ... Just easier to say babe or something else pet name I guess. Hmm, I do have a harder name than Kristen though ;)

Amy Cappelli said...

I feel weird when my husband calls me by my name. It's as if I am a stranger/ an acquaintance and he wants to make sure that I know he is addressing me. It's better than a yucky pet name. I think I called him 'Honey' once and it was a total slip up- I really meant to address the baby. It made for an awkward moment- as we just aren't sappy with each other at all:-( Maybe your husband feels so connected to you- to your soul that he feels he doesn't have to call you anything- you'll just know that he is speaking to you telepathically.

That gentleman's lady said...

I've always liked saying the names of my partners. Or a nickname. Seems odd to think of not using their names.

Kimmie said...

Around here it's just random comments and I assume he's talking to me. Of course, he could be talking to his laptop or the TV.

Our son Iain is Iain Peein'.

Our daughter Claire is Claire-a-bella Stinky Smella.

I'm Kimmie and it took me years to just accept the fact. LOL