Wednesday, January 11, 2012

RV's and Movies

How is that I have LESS time NOW than I did before the holidays??
Bad news - no time for blogging.
Good news - I have a ton of sticky notes all over the place with blogger fodder.
But the problem with me is that I can't just leave something unfinished.  I started this post over the weekend and I don't really like it but I can't just leave it in the DRAFTs section......

On Saturday night we watched three movies in a row. YES, I stayed awake for THREE movies and there were no interruptions.  (only one kid -the quietest one was home at the time, but Still!)

It could be that I was still all psyched up from my long day at the RV show. No, I don't have one -but I know people who do....
Some KNOW people in the Mafia, I KNOW people who own RV's......

Not nearly as boring as it may sound to some.  My brother and sister in law are RV connoisseurs, so it was fun to go with some experts.  If you know me a vintage travel trailer is on my bucket list, but WOW, I really had no idea what RV’s have gotten up to in the past many years (that I wasn’t paying attention). 

I really don’t consider myself a camper.  However, every time I have visited my brother’s family “camping” (in complete RV style - Bigger Fridge than in my house, big screen TV, all the bells and whistles) it has been relaxing and fun and I can see the benefit of some real stress-free, low-key family time. 

The pop-ups were seriously my favorite's.  Well that and the Toy Haulers:

My daughter and I had so much fun climbing in an out of almost every single RV in the place and dreaming. (I had her all to myself for the day)  However, RV designers REALLY need to hire a female eye... pronto.  There are some definite decorating holes left wide open ……. (raising my hand for the job!!!)

More my style...

Back to movie talk:
I Don’t Know How She Does It (My life, except I doubt I make the money this chick does in the movie and I no longer have to travel)
Sarah Jessica Parker, is just so darn likeable.  So even though I loved the premise of this movie and I HAD previously read the book, and it made me happy that finally a movie was about a PRETTY close to real working Mom, there are still some things I have to say as corrections (at least on my behalf)-

If my house was as cute as the one in the movie, it wouldn’t look as bad messy.  They kind of skipped over the whole having to clean the house on top of all the other stuff she juggles.
Evidently she and the hubby made a lot of money.  Not really typical for most working Mom's.

Most Mom’s do not have SJP's body, her hair, or her clothes and their attempt in making her look unkempt just made her even cuter – I WISH that was MY problem!

 I cannot believe this move was not talked about more.  I really never heard anything about it.  The acting by what I consider (and always PREFER) unknown actors was very genuine and believable.  Somewhat predictable but a really great story that even my 12 year old enjoyed. Don't let the Cage Fighting scare you away - SERIOUSLY!

Sarah’s Key 
Wow!  So sad but such an interesting story that although hard to watch at times, is a good reminder that not that long ago horrible things were done to people.  This one had a rating of PG 13 like the other two, but I’m not sure it was rated correctly.  There were some very tough issues and scenes involved and I had to ask my 12 year old to leave the room.

I wish I had watched these movies in reverse order though.  I hate ending a great weekend on a sad note, but it also reminds me how very thankful I am to not have to had endured some of our history’s hardships.

Stay Tuned - So far this week I have spent intimate hours at war with a sewing machine and the sewing machine won, been sent to the dog house over condiment packets, and saw yet Another Movie...


"Miss Bee" said...

I recently read "Sarah's Key" and was fascinated. I didn't know it was a movie too! I can't wait to watch it.

Kate said...

My son just watched Warrior. Wish I'd read your review first...maybe I'd have watched it with him. (In my defense, I did watch Troy and Gladiator with him and had pretty much had my fill of brutality).

We love going to the RV show. So fun! There's a lot of money parked in those places. Our pop-up lacks character, but it's a roomy home base, so we love it.

Teresa - in the Middle Side of Life said...

the drive in the dark (seems to be dark when i leave and definitely dark when i come home) makes my evenings too short to do much of anything.

life is hectic...

haven't seen any of those movies. hmmm... not sure the last 2 would interest me. lol not sure the 1st one would but i do like sjp.

Diplo_Daddy said...

I’ll bet you felt like a kid in a candy store, eh?! Yeah, RV's are miniature houses on wheels. Despite their smaller sizes, they’re still very expensive. Heck, some are almost as expensive as a brand new home.

.bec said...

I haven't seen any of those yet! Thanks for sharing your reviews. And let's keep our fingers crossed for things to slow down a bit. I miss my blog world too! Have a great week!!

Amy Cappelli said...

'Some KNOW people in the Mafia, I KNOW people who own RV's..' Hilarious! I am fascinated by RV's. I always thought it would be fun travel the country in one some day. But, then I realized that some cost as much as my house :-(
I read Sarah's Key (great book) and I have been wanting to watch the movie- but I don't have anyone who will watch it with me:-(