Thursday, January 26, 2012


I am SO impressed. Take a look here:

This. Is. My. Nephew.
He's 16

We share the same taste in music.  We do not share artistic talent.  I have none.

and a little quickie:

Do you remember my Italian visitor last year at work?  (read all about it) Well he came back today with a friend -Massimo. (Love the name!)  No one had to leave due to the flu, BUT I did have a very awkward Italian greeting moment. It goes like this:

The bell at the front desk rings.

I approach knowing it will be our Italian client.

It is him and his Italian partner.  Dressed in full winter parkas and scarves BECAUSE weather in Cleveland this time of year - SUCKS and it was the same last year as it is this year.  (This is what I hate about living where I do. - I personally LOVE where I live. I LOVE winter, LOVE snow. But, EVERY SINGLE time someone from out of town visits, the weather puts it's worst foot forward and there is no amount of convincing people that its a beautiful place when their shoes are covered in salt.)

Younger than me, nice looking Italian man 1, approaches with his hand extended.  I extend mine. He leans in for....
The Kiss/Kiss!

1.  We DID spend valuable time in the car together last year.
2.  I have watched this foreign greeting on many a TV show/Movie.
3.  I should have been calm, cool, collected and ABLE to perform the double cheek kiss!

Instead, I am awkwardly tossing my hair into his face and then again when he leans to the other side, while his Italian partner is observing, telling me "now the other side" and watching my face which is making an excruciating expression because I am wishing I could sink into a hole.

Needless to say, the Italian partner just shook my hand.  No Kiss/Kiss.  BUT even worse, I kind leaned towards him because I thought I would get it right the second time.  Instead, I just looking like a loon sticking my cheek out and then pulling it back in while I ferociously shook his hand realizing he was not about to Kiss/Kiss this crazy girl. ( I felt so LAME )

Picture a horrible awkward grimace on this girl's face - That's ME!

Where is the black hole when you need it? WHERE?

Ciao, for now my friends.....


Chase Rowell said...

Omg! You featured me on your blog? Thank you so much! My own parents haven't even followed me lol. ...And trust me I've been in that position as well. Like that moment when you're 6 years old and the woman with dark hair in the grocery store looks just like your mom from behind. Then she turns around and you realize you've been following some random lady for the past 20 minutes. *_* oops

.bec said...

How awkward! Ha ha. Being the people-watcher I am, when I was in Italy last year I paid close attention to all the kiss/kissing going on and was a little surprised that EVERYONE does it. My American brain thought it might've just been a movie thing, but sure enough, even a friendly waiter or café owner will hit ya up with a post-meal kiss/kiss!

Teresa - in the Middle Side of Life said...

i'm sorry but i did get a laugh from that. i know it's not nice to laugh at the expense of others but i could so see myself doing the same thing. yeap... that could have been me.

Amy Cappelli said...

I think I would be just as awkward in that situation. I'm sure you looked much more graceful and professional than you perceived. I hate those prickly moments when you don't know if the person is coming in for a handshake or a hug- and I'm talking about my mother :-)

Diplo_Daddy said...

Cute story. I've experienced like situations, too. Not knowing what to do, and making a total idiot out of myself. Hey, you live and learn.