Sunday, August 21, 2011

Dog Days of Summer

or is it CAT days?
 Too much to do to really just sit down and write lately.  So here is a quickie update: (I know how you all love a good quickie) and a chance for you to give me lots of SOLICITED advice!

The hubby spends a lot more time in the yard than either of us ever realized was possible.  It really never ends. Kind of hard to ignore the weeds when you own them, but I am getting a little jealous of the way he fondles the bushes lately.

The kids hate the color of wood floors we picked out so I'll ask you what you prefer - (the wood floors are just a dream plan at the moment, we are putting it out there into the universe that we want them, WHEN we get them is the real question - but I like to plan in advance.)

My choice

Two out of Three kids prefer


Update: The snake was found - in the yard where he came from- which makes me look really stupid for cautiously checking every nook and cranny for a few days - YES, even the toilet.

Update: The pool pooper was found and unfortunately he is spending some time away for awhile. Not just for this reason and it's really kind of sad.  We did get an apology letter from him  -whether he was forced to write or not, it did have have some sincere qualities.  My question is now - Do we write back or just leave it? 

I have been dreaming of decorating for fall/Halloween - I cannot wait.  Is Labor Day weekend really too early?? I promise not to wear white pants while decorating if you prefer.

The kids are getting ready for school  (I mean I am getting them ready) - I spent one night too many in a dressing room and I'm OVER it. I HATE clothes shopping.  I get all sweaty and annoyed in the store and I can't seem to focus.  My kind of shopping is going to a small town and walking fairly quickly in and out of boutique shops.  But the thought of going to the mall gives me anxiety.  I hate Kohl's or anything similar. I typically only go to Target, but gosh darn it those kids are starting to need real clothes that can only be bought in real stores......   This is when I dream of having a personal assistant who would take the kids shopping while I got a pedicure or something...... 

My sister in law talked the girls and I into getting feathers in our hair for fun before school starts.  Yes, it's the new thing and it's really kind of fun! 

I have accumulated a few more favorite vintage things along the way:

Love the RED suitcases!  The picture is from my Dad's family home

$2 scale and FREE vintage toaster

One just wasn't enough

My Mom found the glass piece and the cookie was hand made by my son when he still loved me - you know, before he turned 14.....

Hope your summer is wrapping up nicely !


Kate said...

I love your choice of floors and like the potential compromise, but I can't tell if that's bc I like the ROOMS in those pictures better than in the kids' choice flooring. Very sneaky way for you to skew the results. :)

Glad the pool pooper was found. I think maybe I'd leave it alone now. He clearly has some issues, and maybe isn't the type of person you want to enter into a relationship with.

Your house is so cute. I'll take your kids shopping (and ignore them while I facebook from my phone like I do when I take my own kids makes the whole process much less painful) if you'll do some decorating here for me. :)

Kate said...

BTW, good thinking burying your quickie reference IN your post. My "Big O" title scored me yet another twitter porn poster. I will learn...eventually.

That gentleman's lady said...

I've seen those feather plumes! My friend makes them and they really do look very pretty :)

Amy Cappelli said...

I love all of the vintage details you are adding to decorate your home.

My vote on the flooring is your compromise option. We have almost the exact same color wood floor and it works well with people and animal traffic (and mishaps). And it does not spotlight the cat hair that sometimes accumulates on it. We had the darker flooring- which I love the look of but it highlights hair and dust and mud prints and foot prints and any other kind of print. As does the light flooring (which my dad has in his kitchen- not by choice- and it is just looks dingy all the time even with constant cleaning). Maybe it would be different in a different house with different people who are not as careless and clumsy and dirty and shedding as my lot.

The Woven Moments said...

Those red suitcases are FABULOUS!

Teresa - in the Middle Side of Life said...

the dark floor would be my first choice but will show dust and "stuff" the easiest. the compromise is probably what i would choose just because it would be beautiful and not need to be dusted ever day.

love your vintage stuff! everything you've got displayed just looks so wonderful. love it!

i would probably write the pooper back and tell him that you're glad he has apologized and explain how disappointed you (and your children) were to discover the vandalism. Maybe you could "offer" to let him do a little bit of yard work to help make up for his indiscretion.

Doria said...

Hey lady! I'm loving your choice of floors and the compromise is lovely as well. :) Love the decorating and Id say Labor Day may be too soon ;) Ugh clothes shopping and are those feathers really in style?!! :) I'd definately not write him back, he may think you're buddies when he gets back!