Thursday, August 11, 2011

There’s a snake in my boot!

Well, there could be.

I went for a walk tonight with one of my girls. A nice leisurely walk to enjoy the suddenly 70 degree temps, puffy white clouds and smells of barbecue’s from almost every other house. We were really enjoying ourselves – the diner style music from the town’s oldies car show was drifting down the street where we walked and a cute older lady with her cute black and white mini dog was walking toward us. She had a fisherman’s hat on and was eagerly approaching us with a juicy bit of neighborhood news.

“Did you hear about the snake on the loose?” she eagerly asked us.


“Yep, a boa constrictor has gone missing and the police are telling everyone to be cautious”.

Then I notice the cop car at the end of the walkway, and a police woman walking around stopping whoever she could. She came toward us and told us that a Boa Constrictor has been missing since Monday and it was just reported. He is only about 7ft long, green, with brown spots. I told her where our house was and YEP. Right in that area is where he went missing. She couldn’t tell me who he belonged to though. She suggested closing windows, garage doors and keeping track of smallish animals and kids.


Boa Constrictor on the loose.

Poop in the pool.

Putting a Surveillance camera on the house.

Where in the hell have I moved to???


A Cappelli said...

Very exciting! I would love to see the travel brochure you would put together to sell your town. 'Welcome to Our Town - Where there may not be 'P' in our 'ool' but there is poop aplenty. In other cities, Snake on the Loose might be the name of a popular male strip club-but, here it is a warning call to fellow neighbors that there is a- snake- on- the- loose.' Oooh, a surveillance camera- you could start a new video segment on your blog- an 'I Spy' in your yard. Hang in there, Kristen!

Laura said...

Things can only get better from here on! Right?!

The Woven Moments said...

This is sounding more and more like a reality show. You should pitch it!

BeckEye said...

I think you've moved into a bad soap opera town!

Teresa - in the Middle Side of Life said...

wow! keep on the watch. about all you can do, right?

~PrimLiLMama~ said...

ACHHHHHHH!! IT'S A SNAKE. IT'S A SNAKE!!!! Girl, I think you moved your happy ass to HELL TOWN!!!

Ohhh and P.S. A Cappelli.....YOU ARE FUUUUUNY!=)

That gentleman's lady said...

Run away! Run away fasssst!!!!

.bec said...

AAHHHH! Crazy...and I think the video segment is a great idea for the blog!

The other day one of my new neighbors casually asked me if I'd heard about another neighbor's dog. He went on to explain that a coyote had killed the dog in the FENCED backyard. Um? Didn't quite know what to say to that one.

Here's to our new adventures! :D