Thursday, May 24, 2012

Pinning My Hopes and Dreams

My Mom and her friend used to go “sailing” all the time. 

This is what they would tell us a few days a week in the Spring and Summer.

When they would say this I would picture the two of them in a little sail boat on the small lake (pond?) up the road. 
They both had really pretty luscious hair and were the kind of Moms that always looked nicely put together so it was an odd image I pictured of the two bobbing along in the water.

I later discovered that “Sale-ing” was going to garage SALES. Funny how they didn’t come home with too many treasures…. Maybe I need to investigate this Sale-ing thing a little further?? Hmmmmmm

I have been “pinning”.  (It's a great Ostrich Avoidance Technique)  My kids and the hubby have asked me several times what I am doing so intently on the computer or when I disappear into a room with my Laptop/Kindle/Phone,  and I respond – “I’m pinning.” (DUH……)

They know me. I’m not crafty. I’m the furthest thing from crafty there is.  But for a brief moment I am sure they picture me with a bulletin board and a bunch of push pins and pictures.  (They would NEVER picture me pinning the hem about to sew a leg up – trust me.)

I have been “pinning” all my life and never knew it – When I was a younger kid I would get the JC Penney and Spiegel catalogs, and cut pictures out of all the things I wanted.  I would design houses and closets by pasting the pictures onto paper and then I would cut the pretty people out, dress them in the stylish clothes and place them in their paper houses. 

 Later, I would glue pictures into notebooks, inside my locker or on a bulletin board reminding me of the things on my wish-lists.

My brother is a big “pinner” and doesn’t even know it.   He has a huge board that takes up the entire wall of his office.  It is covered in pictures of the places he has been, where he wants to go again, and what he wants to do in his future.

 My dreams have become realities because of "pinning" (back then and now) and we never knew it.   I once bought two pieces of artwork that have 6 squares each of a vintage item.  When I put them on my office wall I dedicated a thought to each square, saying, this square that has the vintage typewriter was representative of me writing.  The square with the vintage bike and basket full of books was MY vintage bike (which I later found) and my dream of owning/running a book store one day.  The square with the chair and vintagy wallpaper was representative of my dream house (Check!) and so on…

To my amazement there is a site just for this sort of thing that I have been doing my whole life and I am so excited about it.  Pinterest.  I know you have heard of it and some guffaw and some embrace and I too guffawed and now have thoroughly and time consumingly embraced!

And Guys – don’t let the women take this over, because it is for YOU too. (haven't convinced the hubby yet... but he still hasn't seen Titanic yet either...)

I have been able to build dream boards and add to them.  I’m not after the social aspect of it, I am honestly just so excited to do something that feels as if I were a kid with scissors and a catalog.

In fact, I have encouraged my daughters to do this also. DREAM. Envision. Imagine. That is how you get things done.  Putting the positive energy out there and watching it come back.


Kate said...

I like Pinterest. I have even used some of the ideas I've pinned (bc I do like the social least, I like copying things that people cooler than me have found); then I pin them to a "Things I've actually used" board. I even used Pinterest to pin links to a project I want to make.

I LOVE the stuff you pin. Even the stuff that's not me is so, so cool.

Kelley Simpson said...

Yay! You're here and yay for Pinterest! I love it!
all the best, Kelley

That gentleman's lady said...

I tried pinterest. In fact I was on there before it went crazy. And then I got bored of it. And deleted everything. Started again. And so on and so forth.

That being said, there are some great ideas for things on pinterest and it's fun to have a ramble every now and then xx

Hey Monkey Butt said...

Oh the pinning, I've totally forgotten to get on there most days. I do enjoy it though :)