Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Saddles Aren't That Big a Deal, Right?

I’m Back.  I wish I could tell you I had won the lottery, went on an overseas adventure, or was abducted by a traveling circus. 

 I am glad to tell you I did not come down with a horrible disease, experience a tragedy or lost my memory.
I just had a little “me” hiatus.  I was starting to feel obligated to come with up something witty when I didn’t feel witty. My goal of the blog was to always be positive, and to watch what I was saying because people I know actually read this thing, and I don’t ever want to seem ungrateful for everything I have.  So when I felt this pressure to write, I stopped writing.  
In some ways, I would agree that I have ostrich tendencies.  When I want to, I am really good at burying my head in the sand until whatever is making me feel uncomfortable goes away……

The good news is that I want to write.  Some really bizarre things happen to me and if I don’t at least put them down somewhere, those things might never have actually happened, right?  For example since I have been gone this is what I didn’t get to talk about:

My Fight With a Rubic Goldstein Machine. (Yeah, I had to google it too before we got intimate with each other…)

My new 4am waking hour and how I get myself to actually get out of bed.

I thought the hubby had a heart attack which was really dramatic of me since he was really just locked out of the building I thought he followed me in to. We might need therapy since I didn’t notice for 40 minutes.

I got to experience throwing up and a two month cold, UP CLOSE and PERSONAL, in a mere three months and I am NEVER sick.

I have discovered that I am hiding from reality in the form of PINNING.

My daughter and I were members of a sewing club – for two weeks.

The kids got glasses, and I was scolded for not knowing my kids needed glasses.  In the middle of a blizzard. ( I threw the Blizzard in there b.c while the snow literally POURED from the sky, I pictured making a snowman out of the Eye Dr.)

My High School Alma Mater was the site of the Chardon School shooting. This one kind of knocked us all for a loop.

I ate pancakes every Sunday in the month of March at a different location in my town and strangely enough found it was a whole to new way to re-connect with the hubby. Who knew pancakes could be so romantic??

I deleted 5 other events for the following reasons: 1. You would think I was a bad parent.  2. I would embarrass my kid.  3. Too Boring and I’m trying to remove my boring label. 4. Too good for one or two sentences – I need a full post about THAT one.

With that said, I’m back.  I may not be worth it, but I’m back.  For those of you who wondered and asked,
 – THANK YOU, it meant a lot to know you were looking for me.

Stay Tuned for revealing, embarrassing, hopefully funny, positive, posts coming to a screen near you…


Kate said...

You're definitely worth it, and I'm THRILLED that you're back. For real.

That gentleman's lady said...

Welcome back!!! you were missed :D i stopped by now and again in the hope that you'd suddenly appear but that leftover jelly from the last post kept staring at me.......

Now waiting to hear what happens next!

Amy Cappelli said...

You are so worth it, lady! I'm so glad you are back. I missed you!

Kelley Simpson said...

Again, Yay! I'm so glad you're back and I can't wait to hear all about it. Sometimes when you talk I feel like you knew what I was thinking and you said it out loud. You're awesome, so glad!

Lola Rouge ...the mom said...