Friday, May 25, 2012

Hot, So HOT

I'm hot, therefore I am miserable. 
I hate being hot.  I hate being moist. I hate that word.
I hate "perspiring". Cause we all know ladies never sweat...... right?
 I have a low tolerance for heat. Pain? Bring it on!  Heat? Not So Much.

After 80 degrees, I'm done. Cooked. Burnt. Spent.

I get to hear about people having the winter blues, snow depression and all the woes of cold weather.
I'd take cold weather ANY day over 96 degrees.  This is the temperature my car read on my way home from work today. Come on, it's not even JUNE yet.

I'm melting.............................

It's such a bummer to me to be so hot that you have to close all the windows and turn the A/C on.  You can't sit in the sun and enjoy the outdoors (well, YOU might, but I just cannot.)  Although, impressively I am currently refusing to turn the air on and have not had it on yet this year.  The pending water bill is my motivation.

If I Could, I WOULD.  (my neighbors are a little too close)

Unfortunately, the Pool had an accident last year.....

On the up side, while at work I COULD come out to this lovely site:

A TRUE benefit of a HOT car.
I didn't have any big plans for this long weekend.
And now, my plans include being a shut in.
Yes, I am a wimp. But so are all of you when it is blizzarding and I'm gleefully driving around in a snow storm, and rolling around in the NOVEMBER!


Kelley Simpson said...

Oh Man, I LOVE the heat! I feel angry and crabby when I'm cold. Is it a humid heat where you live? That may be what is ruining it for you. Vegas is my favorite place to go during the summer, at 110 I stay out all day at the pool, but it's different when you're not sweating in all the cracks! Have a wonderful weekend, it rained all day yesterday and is cool and cloudy today, we could trade!
<3, Kel

Teresa - in the Middle Side of Life said...

hey - nice to see ya! i am so hot, too. we had to turn on the a/c and i was not happy about it. i hate having the a/c on before june!

dbs said...

An idea for you?

Diplo_Daddy said...

So I guess a trip to Kuwait is out of the question? Average temperatures in the summer are well over 120F.

And speaking of ladies not ever sweating....ha! They try to mask it with loads of perfume, even at the gym. I can’t tell you the number of times women have gotten on the treadmill next to me, smelling as if they were about to go on hot date. Don’t worry about smelling all stinky and sweating at the’re supposed to!

Hey Monkey Butt said...

Making cookies in the hot car huh... Does that really work? Quick, someone try it and let me know! Stay cool lady!