Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thankfully I have three.....

Got into a fight with not one, but two vacuums on Thanksgiving morning.  Thought I would do myself and the family a favor by vacuuming a little before leaving for the Great Turkey Day festivities at my brother's house.  The first vacuum (Circa 2000) proceeded to blow everything I was picking up right back out for about a half hour before I noticed.

After I threw that one out of the house (literally) the second vacuum (Circa 1996) stopped sucking 5 minutes in.  When I investigated, I proceeded to get a face full of dust when the bag exploded.  It's disgusting guts were everywhere. I cried.  Seriously.  Cried.  It was that disgusting and frustrating.

My son watched.  He was attempting to ask me if it was OK if he wore his Asking Alexandria t-shirt to Thanksgiving.  It is supposed to be a volcano on the shirt, but it looks like blood and vomit and while crying I tried to explain that it wasn't really an appropriate selection while using our third and last vacuum (Thankfully Circa October 2011) to clean up the mess.  I am pretty sure he got the point LOUD and clear.

Thankfully he suggested another concert t-shirt.  It had a nice picture of a wolf on it with red devil eyes.

Thinking the worst of the day was over, I would take a shower and come out in a festive mood no matter what.  I was super close to feeling normal and committed to positively thinking that I was going to look good this Thanksgiving.

My daughter heard my sharp intake of breath from the other side of the bathroom door and was asking me if I was OK.  At that moment I was holding my eyelid open with one hand and peeling my contact doused in cleaner off my eyeball with the other while trying not to curl up and die from pain.

While rinsing my eye in water for next half hour I asked myself this question:  WHAT DID I DO TO DESERVE THIS TODAY?

The swollen red eye I wore to Thanksgiving was a reminder of how thankful I was that the morning was now over.

The rest of the weekend was much better.

The Christmas tree is decorated.  (Circa 1995) The branches on the tree over time point down and the lights and ornaments are already sliding south.  By Christmas Eve when all our guests arrive, we will have a pile of lights and ornaments under the tree.

I purchased all of the exchange gifts  we need.  This is because I woke up Friday morning in a panic about what I was going to get three out of five of them and the hubby knew he wanted to sleep normally for the next four weeks.

The good news is that thankfully (Circa July 2011) I have all the Christmas presents I could have asked for.  Our new to us house.  For that and for my family here and everywhere, I am thankful!

Hope you enjoyed your weekend and enjoy your Holiday season even if you accidentally put cleaner in your eye at the most inconvenient times.


Doria said...

Awe lady that sucks, glad it got better though and good riddence to those two broken vacuums! :) I don't want to think about Xmas gifts yet, ugh!

Kate said...

OW!! Your poor eye! That sounds like a rough day and lesson learned...vaccuuming is dangerous work and not to be undertaken lightly.

You're so far ahead of me on holiday stuff. We've got our tree and outside decorations up (courtesy of my husband, Clark Griswold), but Christmas shopping...uhhh, I did order something for my self "from" my mom.

Teresa - in the Middle Side of Life said...

ouch ouch ouch! for your eye and for the vacuum problems. that's terrible. glad you got your exchange gifts covered. i am done with purchasing except for maybe a few little things.

Diplo_Daddy said...

Ouch! You poor woman...I'm so sorry to hear this. Hope your eye heals, and quickly.

Amy Cappelli said...

Aww, that is a stinky Thanksgiving morning. My brother once vacuumed over fresh dog puke while he was vacuuming with my mother's new vacuum. (sorry, it was the only bad vacuum story I had) And, your poor eye. I'm glad to hear that the weekend ended on a better note. I thought of you as we (me and the 12 year old) were unfolding the branches of our tree (which is probably covered in lead based something or other), cutting the skin of our hands on the branches. And, then again, when we were decorating and the kids were supposed to watch the baby while I hung the lights and they gave her my late grandmother's heirloom ornament to play with. She broke it, of course :-( I am determined to keep the spirit alive this year. It's a tall order to fill.

That gentleman's lady said...

Poor thing. Hugs Hugs Hugs Hugs.

Now that you've had exploding vacuums and cleaner in your contact, I vote that you have a pain free christmas?



.bec said...

At least your tree is decorated and presents are bought! I'm way behind on those things...
I don't think I've ever heard a personal account of an exploding vacuum before. Yikes!
PS: loved the "nice picture of a wolf on it with red devil eyes."