Sunday, November 20, 2011

While I was Out....

I wasn't writing that is for sure.
I was buried under mounds of work at work.
I wasn't on vacation.
I was decorating for Christmas at home -Yes, really this early  (we have company coming)
I wasn't sick, injured or indisposed.
I was sick and tired, had a few minor decorating mishaps and still found no time to be indisposed.

But I am back with a little glimpse into my night:

We decided to put the Christmas trees up.  This is a feat in itself.  New house to us, old house that wasn't meant for big Christmas trees.

The cats sat in the corner watching and daydreaming about the fact that we all leave the house during the day so that gives them plenty of time for tree climbing.
The hubby concocted a plan to keep them out - if it works I'll let you in on the secret - it might make us a million.

I am a bit of a control freak.  About pretty much everything.
So our tradition is for the kids to hand me the ornaments (they have names for each and every one of them - not always appropriate but humorous nonetheless) and I put them on.  Normally they wander off half-way through leaving me trying to fill in the gaps.

But this year I was given the pleasure of trimming the tree while they (my two youngest GIRLS) took turns farting.  Yep farting.
Toot.  Giggle.  Rolling on the floor laughing.  Swearing from me.  Threatening to throttle them.   More laughing. More threats. More farts.

I think their grippers are shot.
We had a little Christmas Farty.  Bad language, threats and all.
Then they proceeded to pull their pants up to their chests and walk around pretending to be hillbilly's.  My next favorite thing.  My kids are really threatened by me.

But hey - tis the season for farting, and hillbilly fun.

While I was out I also celebrated this guy's Birthday:

And enjoyed my new favorite vintage thing:

and did a little of this and that:


Teresa - in the Middle Side of Life said...

your trees are looking very cool. sorry you've been so busy. it's been hairy at my job, too. ready for a break.

Amy Cappelli said...

I know that we have said this to each other before, but, seriously, stop writing about my life. The decorating, the farting kids, the cats- it's all too familiar. The tableau I have in my head of Christmas decorating will never mirror reality. That is probably a good thing because I would definitely ditch the holiday 'spirit' if i didn't have a little holiday amnesia. This year I have The Baby to contend with. Will your cat solution work for her too? At 23 months she is a little thief. I just know that she is going to start hoarding decorations in her crib.

.bec said...

Laughed so hard at the Christmas Farty!! Happy holidays to you and your family! :)

Doria said...

Awes! Im jealous, everything looks so nice. Silly girls, lolz. I'm putting my tree up on Friday ::fingers crossed:: and planning to have a nice week off!YAys!

That gentleman's lady said...

Hugs. Sorry you were sick and tired.

BUT glad you enjoyed the farts :P

Happy Thanksgiving, friend :) Hope yours is filled with joy.