Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Don't Buy Potpourri - TRUST ME.

The hubby has to take the same shot EVERY year - in front of the cannon.

Yes we do recycle the costumes and yes, that is the last known Halloween picture of my oldest.

The oldest stopped dressing up.

Yep, that's him in the back.

The hubby and I had so much fun trick or treating last night that the kids were actually asking us what time it was, dragging their bags of loot and skipping houses before we realized they were done.  
What better opportunity to look inside the homes you admire on any normal day than when the door is hanging open and all the lights are on?

While I was peeking into the houses, the men with kids were busy trying to look somewhere else.  We got stuck behind a group of girls that looked like they were in college but probably were 15 and 16 years old. (if they were younger I am SCARED) they were dressed like – Sluts?  This is seriously the only theme I can possibly think they were going for.  
I am not a prude and I say wear whatever you secretly hope to be on Halloween. (which for most girls, WANTED is a common theme) but  in 38 degrees, an upper thigh high toga that does not cover “the upper girls” might not be a good idea.  
But it did give quite a few of the Dad’s two thoughts:  1) I can’t believe I am looking at that girl.  And 
2) my daughter is going to become Jehovah Witness before next Halloween.

There is a house near ours that really went all out and decorated every available space with Halloween d├ęcor.  But when we went past at exactly 9pm, they were almost done un-decorating.  
Talk about motivation not to mention GOOD IDEA. –the worst part of Holidays is the day after and looking at the stuff you have to put away.

When we got home, high on sugar and the fun of the night one of those random and annoying slam you back to reality moments happened. 

 The sleeve of the coat I was carrying down the hallway caught on a basket sitting on a bench .  This basket is filled with pumpkin spice potpourri. (Like 3 bags worth of the stuff – smells like heaven)  As I continued to move past in my hurry to chase costume parts flying off of the little people,  the sleeve pulled the basket down and EVERY SINGLE PIECE OF POTPOURRI not only fell out, but propelled itself down the hallway, down the stairs (covering every bit of step as it went) and because the surface was smooth, scattered into every nook, cranny and crevice available. 

 I kept walking and breathing VERY deeply as I heard the terrible noise of it scattering and then my dear sweet daughter after a moment of shocked silence helpfully said: 

“ I am seriously glad I wasn’t responsible for THAT mess”. 

 She didn’t even give me time to blame it on them!!  The best way to sum it up, is that it truly SUCKED.    As bad as an entire full bowl of cereal spilling all over the kitchen floor right before you are trying to leave for work. (Happened the other day) or as bad as the expensive windshield wipers the hubby bought that do an awesome job of cleaning the window but WHISTLE like a nasty wind when you are driving and not using them. (Happening for the last several months – thankfully I listen to the radio LOUDLY)  It sucked like forgetting to take the crock pot filled with Broccoli Cheddar soup out of your car overnight. (Check!)

Meanwhile, I’ll be picking up pieces of pumpkin spice pot-crap-ourri  for the next decade.  (Which by the way for me, a new one starts tomorrow – I’m sure I’ll be telling you all about that revolting development in the days to come……)

Closer to the last decade than the next one.


Kate said...

Awww, I remember that picture from last year! :)

I was plenty glad to be done trick or treating. My older boys would be out FOREVER (with us)...my youngest, an hour and he's good. The looking in the houses, thing, though...yep. Love to see how other people decorate!

"Miss Bee" said...

That is a great picture of you and your kids! I love the face your son is making!

Doria said...

Oh I love Halloween and I love that house, def a good idea getting a head start on taking it all down though. too bad about the crapori. Maybe it won't take you that long to clean it up :))

Kelley said...

What a pretty picture of you with your kids! Boo to picking up potpourri for forever & boo to teens showing too much boo....b and boo....ty.

.bec said...

At least the trick-or-treating was fun! And, at least it was potpourri and not something foul-smelling...sigh. :)

That gentleman's lady said...

Awwww.... a million little pieces of potpourri

I'd help you clean up if I could. Too far away though :(

Love the pictures, glad you had a fun halloween!

The Woven Moments said...

I'm sorry for your potpourri-tastrophe.

That's a problem on a Hoover can solve! :)

The Reckmonster said...

I know that potpourri does smell yummy and all...and you will totally laugh when you hear why I have boycotted potpourri in my house. A while back I became interested in Feng Shui...in an attempt to bring HARMONY into my home. One of the things I read in my feng shui books was that anything "dead" (e.g., dried flowers that are used in potpourri) carried negative "chi" (energy) and would disrupt the harmony in your house. That also means like dried floral arrangements (fake ones are fine). I promptly removed all stuff like that. And you know what? I have NOT had a major potpourri spill down my stairs or all over the floor since then! BAHAHAHA! (Sorry, K, I had to say it...but only because I know how much that must've SUCKED!!! Just trying to make you laugh!)