Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Drop

Remember the stray kitty in my yard?  The kids had named her Katie. We were feeding her, yelling at the other strays who came sniffing around her at 2am,  and providing her a warm dry place to stay in the garage.
In fact this kitty was being pampered even more than the two lazy slug cats who live inside the house.  Who were rudely teasing her from the other side of the window by jumping on the counters, rolling around on the beds and watching Puss in Boots.

But it was getting kind of creepy seeing her eyes every time you looked out of ANY window ANY time, (especially when you were changing your clothes) and the hubby didn't appreciate stepping in her "landscaped cat box" on Saturday while painting the house. (he's patient, but not when it comes to his Teva's smelling like cat poop - secretly, I was training her to use his Teva's as the toilet because I HATE those shoes)  Plus, I didn't want to keep the garage door open and unlocked any more.

I know, we sound like real compassionate people here don't we?  (but we did have her on the list at the rescue center, posted about her, asked everyone we knew and it was looking like she was stuck in our window sill for the rest of her life (which after 12" of snow would not have been good)

On Sunday, I awoke to a cup of Starbucks in my face.  I knew when I saw it that the hubby had done the deed. Made the drop. Performed Operation SCAT

(Sadly, we live no where near a Starbucks so anytime we get one it's because we went INTO TOWN) We had discussed doing this and didn't really WANT to do it, but given no other choice, he put Katie in a crate and dropped her off to the rescue shelter before they opened. (Yes it was still dark and Yes we had a back up story, and NO he did not wear a cat burglar suit or cap)

BEFORE you start yelling, this rescue place is where we purchased the two cats we have.  It is like a Four Seasons Hotel for animals. We were on their list, but by the time they would have ever called she would have been a catsicle, taken advantage of, hit by a car or all three. (We've been on that list two other times for strays that we have come across, with NO call back)  I was even calling a shelter a county away every single day as soon as they opened to see if they had an opening. (their instructions...)

So he fed her, put her in the crate with a blanket, and she let him pet her the entire car ride.  Then he set her by the door in the crate and well, ran.  (Not really - I think he was secretly hoping to get caught so we could actually talk them into taking her in)

On Monday, he called me up and said,  "I saw Merlot today".  Since he isn't really a drinker,  I was trying to figure out if that was a stripper or maybe a Star of some kind that he met (because all Stars come to Amish country to hide out - *aka Mike Tyson)

After a few minutes of playing the guessing game he said "Merlot, aka Katie" a-la witness protection style.

They named her Merlot and it turns out that  the "kitten" was 2-3 years old who apparently likes computer keyboards?? Who Knew? (they give all their strays colorful descriptions and names- that is why our cat Truitt was formerly known as Barney who liked dressing up in tutu's)

I couldn't believe he actually went there - I teased him: "What if they had cameras and they had taken a picture of you when you made the drop and there was a WANTED poster now?? "

 He said she was really happy (yes, they conversed) and also disturbingly the center was NOT packed with cats as they had told us over the phone.  There were empty compartments. (I honestly can't say cages because they truly are not - I think they are similar in size to a Japanese train hotel room)  They were never going to call us.....

I know SOME ONE out there might still be seething.  But the story is that she showed up in our yard and would not leave.  We thought she was a kitten because she was so small.  We could not bring her inside because we already have two, both the hubby and I are allergic, (geniuses, I know)  and I did not want to leave her outside without being fixed (other strays were already sniffing around and several times we had to yell out the window to scare them away from her)  We called the shelters, posted her and begged everyone we knew. No one wanted to take her in.

So of course we went back a day later to check on her and of course I had to whisper-scream at the kids to NOT call her Katie.  She didn't even recognize us.  She did look a LOT happier.  So then we tortured ourselves by going to see the dogs.  This is a good way to make you feel better when you are having a selfish moment.  Most of them were left because their human's had moved, died, or ran away.  I almost came home with a Winston who enjoyed reading newspapers by the fire.

We left with tears in our eyes and vowed to volunteer at least once a month, but to NEVER ever tell our secret..... Well,   til now.

Do you think there is a Wanted Poster??


dbs said...

Not to worry you but I am positive there's already a poster...all grainy video-surveillance style. Just sayin.

Kate said...

I have this picture of your cat (NOT your cat) living happily in a Japanese hotel...or Japanese businessmen at the rescue shelter.

I have to say, if you were going to change her name from practically my name to an alcoholic beverage, Margarita would have been a better choice. :)

Amy Cappelli said...

You are not bad at all for taking her to the shelter- even in the cloak of night. The following story should make you feel much better- but it may change your opinion of me greatly. Many many years ago I had a bleeding heart for all stray animals and did my fair share of rescuing and delivering them safely to the shelter. We came upon two cats that we ended up taking in 'temporarily.' It ended up being two+ years. And despite all of our denial- the Mr and I were both really allergic to these particular cats. We had others in the past (and in the present) who never posed any issues for us. But, it got so bad that both of us- who hadn't any prior respiratory problems ended up on inhalers. After many trips to the doctor (for us)- we decided to take them to a no kill shelter early one morning. And after we thoroughly cleaned the house of their lingering dander- our respiratory problems ceased. I still feel so guilty as these were adolescent cats who did live in our home. So, again, you are not bad for leaving her at the shelter- at, least you didn't wait two years.

Barb said...

Oh my...going into a shelter is torture! My kids drag me into the local pet stores whenever they have "shelter/rescue" day. All the dogs are lined up in their cages acting all cute and "take me hone-ish". I get teary every time and my kids beg and beg for another dog. I would kill myself if I had to sit in one of those Japanese train cars....
Poor Katie/Merlot.....Im sure shell find a nice home. Right? Right? Yes, of course. :)

Kelley said...

Oh, that is tough stuff! A mommy cat came into our garage once, had kittens and it was a mess trying to figure out what to do with it all. No one wanted any kittens. We ended up taking her them all to a shelter. It tore my heart out! I was actually sad, but we couldn't take the cats ourselves. I think you did a nice thing!

The Schweitzers said...

In Vet Tech school, we get all of our animals from the Humane Society and I'm pretty sure they're treated better than my OWN pets some days. She'll have a much better chance of being adopted there, so you did the right thing.

.bec said...

I agree, Katie, er, Merlot, has a much better chance of a new life now. You did the right thing...AND you got Starbucks! :)