Wednesday, October 12, 2011

MADE-Up Holiday HEAD's Up!

For year's my friends and I thought we were lucky when we had a boyfriend around this time of year.  The opportunities to torture the boys in our lives were endless in one month alone:

Homecoming - Just what a young man wants to spend his money on: A Suit, Expensive Dinner, and a Dance.

Why yes, those ARE mullet's

Haunted Houses - The guys always liked this one the most - plenty of opportunity for girls to grab them and throw them between the next scary thing and a girl's chest.

Sweetest Day - In a few months Valentines Day is right around the corner!

Halloween - I know all the men in my life are fans of dressing in costume........

Unfortunatley NOT a costume

Did you stop and ask yourself what SWEETEST DAY was or do you know all about it but pretend not to?

I think it was when I moved to a different part of the state that bordered two other states that I learned most people do not really "celebrate" Sweetest Day outside of Ohio, or even know what it is.

In more recent years, we have watched it approaching, we forget about it and then we remember it a few days later.  The last thing either the hubby or I need is another reason to feel bad about not buying each other anything.

Tonight, I discovered the reason why most people do not even know this crazy holiday.

It was started in 1922 by a man in Cleveland. He wanted to bring happiness to orphans, shut-ins and under-privileged. His intent was to show these people that they were not forgotten. (Love how we quickly changed that plan to meet our greedy needs)

So, unless you live in Ohio, you are probably off the hook.  If you live in or near Ohio and you have already heard the advertisements for Sweetest Day, you can explain the reason for lack of gift is that it is for orphans, shut-ins and under-priveleged.( your honey probably will not want to compete in that category) You might then have to visit a shelter or volunteer your time helping those less fortunate, but in the end it's a win-win.

You can thank me later for:
A. Reminding you of the approaching Non-Holiday
B.  Giving you a few excuses/reasons not to celebrate it
C.  Giving you a reason to donate your time.

Happy Sweestest Day!  (Always the Third Saturday in October)


Teresa - in the Middle Side of Life said...

never heard of it... very cool though (the original meaning). more communities should do things for shut-ins and those less fortunate.

That gentleman's lady said...

I think I've heard of it before. In passing, I think, but probably forgot about it right away, because of course, no one else celebrates it :)

Hope you are well! Hugs!