Saturday, October 1, 2011

Random Me

A great CONSISTENT blogger over at: The Woven Moments  included me in her list of other bloggers to write 7 Random Facts.  She's sweet, but I'm not sure mine are as interesting as her's. My blog is a running rant of random me but I will try to give you something you don’t already know:

I don’t cook. DON’T being the key word. I CAN, I HAVE, but it is one of the things I have completely cut out of my life and I do not know why. Don’t worry none of us are starving and I did not have a bad experience in the kitchen.  The funny thing is I love cooking shows, I love kitchens and all utensils and food in general. I can even talk about food, how to make it taste better, what to make, but when it comes to DOING IT, I’m MIA. My dislike for shopping runs over into grocery stores so that might be part of it. (and I am not a fan of making a mess) I think when I retire, I will become a baker and a cook extraordinaire – there is still time.

I often crave movies. I know it sounds weird, but randomly throughout the day, something will trigger a craving and a movie will pop into my head. Recently, I have been craving to see Gremlins. Weird, right? But I was thinking about Christmas, and then said to myself –“STOP it’s not even Halloween yet”, and Gremlins, popped into my head. The funny thing is that I rarely do watch a movie more than once –it just doesn’t have the same effect UNLESS someone else is watching it for the first time with me –then I want them to have the same reactions as I did. When people get a movie like I did it makes the movie that much better. (Watch the Elephant in the Living Room and invite me over....)

Grandma making Gang Signs

I love old people. I am a huge fan of playing old fashioned board games, bocce, cards, and bingo. Usually those are the only people that will play them with me. I love listening to their stories, and watching their faces light up with memories. I really love that they are always full of compliments yet ornery as Hell. I even love to watch them drive – I can still remember my Nannie’s hands on the steering wheel of her car at exactly three and nine o’clock. The steering wheel seemed so big in her hands and the pedals so far away from her short legs. She was so precise in her driving. Slow as well, but she noticed everything. Next time you go to Wal-Mart, why yes, that is me hanging out with the greeter. (They can be talked into a quick game of Ghost every time)

Radio Disc Jockey. That is a secret job I want.

I have a version of OCD (Out of Control Disorder) I am a control freak. It sucks. If you touch it and move it –I will move it back. It’s not that I mind you touching it, but I can’t just let you do it without me doing it too. I can walk in a room and know what has been moved or touched. It becomes a game with my family and friends. (Not a fan of this game) The nice thing is that I am super organized, everything is in order, and I have lots of sticky notes and lists to keep it that way. (I have actually been known to write down on a list to move the coasters back when the company leaves)

This kind of decorating appeals to me:

Weird, because I want to decorate with lots and lots of THINGS, but I don't want them to be moved around or touched too much.... (it's a sickness.)

I am fascinated by people who are in the circus and circuses in general.  It intrigues me.

and that is Random me.


.bec said...

Ok, no surprise there on the radio DJ secret dream job. I share that with you. Maybe we should have a remote radio show together where we get to be music elitists and vent about our kids! ;) This was a great post!!

Kate said...

So I learned lots of new things about you. :) and you always have the BEST pictures to illustrate your posts.

We're so opposite. When I'm out for the day, my aide straightens my desk. I know it would drive you crazy, but to me it's an additional perk of the day off.

That gentleman's lady said...

First off... LOVE that picture of your gramma. It absolutely amuses me when old people do stuff like that.

Second... clowns are scary! For some reason they absolutely terrify me!!!! It's a developed fear too -- was never scared of them till i turned 16

Thirdly, I have OCD thats symmetry related..... its a mad mad thing with me

Teresa - in the Middle Side of Life said...

very cool "randomness" - love the decoration pictures. i'd like to decorate like that, too but i don't want to dust it.

The Schweitzers said...

I loved this post! I love to cook, just don't seem to have the time/energy/money most days. I'm a control freak as well, not as adept as you are, but if my house is messy I can't concentrate.

Amy Cappelli said...

I love these new items we've learned about you.I thought that I was an alien regarding the cooking issue. I really dislike cooking (I do it for my family). And, I too dislike grocery stores- in fact, they cause a sort of fight or flight response in me that makes my head spin and lean toward fleeing the scene.

I am totally with you on the movie craving aspect too. I will watch a movie more than once only if I have someone with me who has not seen it yet.