Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Have I Jumped the Shark?

 I'm worried.   I may have jumped the shark.

If you are not familiar with this phrase, educate yourself and then please come back.

These are the possible moments that I may have jumped the shark:

I started tweeting. I'm not very funny yet I choose to tweet random thoughts that pop into my head as if someone cares what I have to say.

I follow more people than I have followers. I have read that this is a twitter faux pas.

I follow Martha Stewart (I thought maybe she would offer tips)
I believed for a minute she does her own tweeting.

The only tweet of mine that has been re-tweeted is this one:

I really want to follow someone but according to the rules I can't over-follow, can more hurry and follow me so I am appropriate??

My blog has been at 83 followers for months. Half of those followers joined in the first few days. The other half are people I have personally met.

I had 1 comment on my last post and the post before that, 2 comments. They commented on my post because I commented on their post.

My facebook profle picture is over five years old.  But I do still have and wear that shirt........

I actually care that I may have jumped the shark in the eyes of people I do not know and will most likely never meet.

I might have jumped the shark, or it might be the pre-daylight savings time blues.


Brittany_Va-VoomVintage said...

You know, I just had the crappiest day I've had in a REALLY long time and this post really cheered me up and made me laugh. Thank you!! I too felt that I jumped the shark this morning. I was doing really well in blogland. I posted what I thought was a really awesome, well thought post- then promptly lost 3 followers! What the hell? Anyway, I dunno- I think twitter in itself is a big shark jump. If anyone really cares what goes through my head every moment of the day, they need a hobby. I don't think that you've jumped the shark, but if you did- it's okay! For what it's worth, you always crack me up! :)

Teresa - in the Middle Side of Life said...

hmmmm... i try to comment on blogs whether people comment on mine or not. i follow a lot of blogs that don't follow me (i only have 53 followers and have had that amount for ages). i'm not sure how to increase followers or people who leave comments.

i do get some spam comments - those i can do without. but, i'd love to have thought provoking, interesting comments. it's hard to write blog posts that everybody likes. just have to remember to please yourself and if the rest of the folks don't like it, then that is their problem.


The Reckmonster said...

You know, when I first started blogging, I was all concerned about how many followers and comments I had...but for me now, writing posts is like my therapy. It's where I just throw all of my mental vomit up. And sometimes, people have some funny stuff to say back to me. I like not having too many followers...makes me feel like I have a nice, small group of good friends instead of a huge number of acquaintances. I don't think you've jumped the shark at all. A lot of times, I read your posts and don't comment, but that doesn't mean I am not interested in reading what you have to say. I say, "Keep on, mama!!"

dbs said...

Just a comment to let you know that you haven't jumped the shark. But what do I know? My blog profile photo is me when I was six.

Amy Cappelli said...

You have not jumped the shark. I do read every one of your posts; but, I do not always get chance to comment in a timely manner. So just know that somewhere out there I am commenting (positive thoughts)in my head and I carry what you have written around with me in the little space I have left in my brain that is not taken up by worries that other people really should be worrying about (for example- it's not my duty to study for 14 year old son's AP Global test but I obsess over it anyway). I digress...

I'm finding that Fall this year seems to be falling into a lull. I don't think it is you that is jumping the shark- it's the stinking universe.

I love your writing. I look forward to it. You haven't run your course yet. I still think you are full of freshness :-)

Diplo_Daddy said...

No need to worry. It takes considerable time to build up followers. Just keep at it. Although I don't stop by as often as I should, I do enjoy reading your blog!

The Woven Moments said...

You did NOT jump the shark, friend.

Twitter is totally confusing sometimes. And cliquey. Did I mention cliquey?

Hit me up on twitter anytime. I'll always chat with you. :)

.bec said...

Amen to mention of how cliquey twitter is...most days I consider deleting my account several times a day.

For the record, I love reading your posts--they're so funny! Even though most of the time I end up reading two weeks' worth of them in a sitting because by the time I've made time to READ others blogs I'm way behind.

You're doing just fine! :)