Monday, October 3, 2011

Wanna Play a Little Multiple Choice?

With the weekend’s low 40 temps and pouring rain – Which statement is true:

A. My family and I looked like fools in our flip flops and summer clothes.

B. I realized I am completely unprepared for cool weather even though I have lived in Ohio my whole life.

C. I need to buy three winter coats, five hats, five sets of gloves, 4 pairs of boots, 5 pairs of jeans, socks, hoodies, long sleeve shirts – A LOT OF STUFF NOW.

D. I will have to get a third  fourth job to pay for all of it.

E. All of the above.

We didn't look this happy - or this GOOD ....

We went to the DREADED mall. Which statement is true:

A. We did not get anything we were looking for, despite going into every store and yet I have no money left.

B. I realized exactly why I hate the mall and vowed to not go back.

C. The hubby got annoyed with our shopping style and left five minutes in,  “to get the car”.

D. I still smell the odd combination of cologne from Abercrombie and pumpkin spice candles from Bed Bath & Beyond in my nostrils and all over my clothes DAYS later.


Life doesn't get any WORSE when you get stuck holding the bag......

The kids and their cousins found our Yearbook. Which statement is true:

A. They laughed hysterically at the size of our computers. (they first had to make sure that is what those even were.

B. They laughed hysterically at every single person in the yearbook.

C. They no longer respect or trust us when it comes to fashion advice.

D. They all asked at the same time in the same tone of voice,  “WAIT, SO YOU AND AUNT MICHELLE BOTH DATED DAD??”

E. All of the above.

This is not my yearbook but I swear these are the SAME pictures..... Only in the 80's,,,,

I specifically put something somewhere when we moved so I wouldn’t lose it. Which statement is true:

A . I cannot remember where I put it FOR THE LIFE OF ME.

B. I have torn the entire house apart looking for it. Three times.

C. I have blamed each person in our family by saying that I swear I asked THEM to put it in a certain spot where it is not.

D. I was driving the hubby so crazy that he went out in the pouring rain to replace it so I would shut up.

E. All of the above.

There is no picture to describe my frustration here.

What statement describes my current pet situation?

A. We have two cats that are paid for that have been real lemons in my opinion, and one cat that just showed up and will not leave that is actually very nice. Weird how the rescue place that sold us those cats won't return our calls about the stray....

B. One of the cats I paid for has paid me back by periodically pooping at random in places that are not designated pooping areas.  I have done everything including yellow flashing lights indicating the designated area is HERE.

C. Everyone has advice on how to find a home for the stray cat, but secretly they are laughing behind my back and heaving huge sighs of relief that it is not them.  Funny, I haven't seen the neighbors lately.....

D. The kids have asked me in the last three days for the following pets: rat, turtle, bunny, dog, lizard and flamingo. 

E. All of the Above.

The hubby and I almost divorced over which of the following:

A. Our daughter asked him to sign her assignment book.

B. The hubby signed his initials in pink magic marker.

C. The teacher told our daughter to tell her Dad to sign his full name next time.

D. The hubby told our daughter to tell the teacher to write him a note about that.

E. I was present at the end of ALL OF THE ABOVE and didn’t speak to him for two days.

The picture for this one was a little violent so I scrapped it.

I am trying out Twitter. Which statement is true:

A. Several of my followers have pornographic websites in their profiles, yet their tweets are all about healthy living.

B. I tweet, wait, tweet again, wait some more and then wonder what in the hell I am doing.

C. My tweets are like being at home – no one is listening and no one really cares.

D. My tweets popped up on Facebook and I have no idea how or why. Now I feel like I am back using one of those big box computers the kids were laughing at so much. LOSER.

E. All of the above.

Now don't you all feel just a little better on Monday?


The Woven Moments said...

You are on Twitter?!?! YAY! Off to find you!!

Teresa - in the Middle Side of Life said...

LOL! i guess all of the above is the right answer for all of those.

too cute.

That gentleman's lady said...

oh I loathe the A&F and Hollister smells and refuse to step foot in those stores for that reason.

Your husband and the pink magic marker and the magic marker and the instruction to Write him note about that!! Utterly hilarious for some reason.

.bec said...

Ha ha! This was such a funny post! And perfect for a Monday. Definitely looking for you on Twitter. Have a great week!! :)

Kate said...

I enjoy your tweets.

We somehow, despite my not wanting any more pets (to add to our one rambunctious dog whose presence is all my fault) have a kitten now. All because my dang 17 year old son never asks for anything and asked for it. My 17 year old son who'll be (hopefully!) going away to college next year. So, yea. Now I have a cat.

And I might kill my husband, too, if he did that...though it's more likely to be me who did.

Kelley Simpson said...

Yeah, same! Yay, twitter!

Stephanie in Suburbia said...

Which of these statements is true:

1. Each one of these made me snicker
2. I am super psyched you are on Twitter even if I don't reply to your Tweets
3. All of the above.