Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Wanna listen to me Vent?
When I’m done, you can vent back and I promise to listen...........................


6th Grade Math Homework. No Clue. Whatsoever.
And they NEVER bring the Math book home so I can attempt to figure it out. Apparently everyone shares one Math book?? Is this really true??
I have spent 1 hour trying to find answers on-line and found NOTHING titled:
I am dumber than 6th grade math homework.

Tomorrow is Camouflage day at one school (for the girls of course) and Wear Something Pink at the other school (for the boy – OF COURSE)

It is dark in the morning when I leave the house and it is dark by the time I change my clothes after work. It happens every single year. Yet I forget how this makes me feel every single year. It does nothing for my desire to go outside and exercise and nothing for my joyful mood.

I love this time of year – yet, I never get to enjoy it without the monetary stress. From now until 12/25 at approximately 8:30am (when the wrapping paper has been cleared away) I am under

HIGH STRESS LEVEL –CAUTION: There WILL be Temper Tantrums Quite Often.

I listen to a great radio talk show on my way home. It’s meant for the 20 to early 30 set not yet married, and normally I can relate because I never feel my age. On the way home from work they talked about all the great sex they are having, how to make it better and even more disturbingly, that less than 3 times a week is extremely dangerous for your health and relationship. I’m scared. VERY scared for my health.

I’ll stop now – because the rest is just downright boring: A bill that forgot to be paid, a concert that someone wants to go to that will require me to drive to, endure, probably enjoy, and spend money on. A list of items that need to be purchased, A list of things that still need to be done to the house before winter hits (snow in the forecast in the next few days), a bad day a work, ungrateful people, Halloween, Birthday, Bridal Shower, Thanksgiving, CHRISTMAS .....
and the fact that I feel like I need to be breathing deeply into a brown paper bag. DOES THIS WORK??!!

Sometimes, I can’t take it.

But I always do. Every single time. (might do so a little less than enthusiastically, but I take it)

Maybe I need to start with one single positive moment each day:

Let’s see……………..

OH! Got one!

This day will be over pretty soon.

See?  I CAN be positive!


Teresa - in the Middle Side of Life said...

well, wonder what they'd say about my (non-existent) sex life. medical problems can leave one "lacking" for want of a better word. {sigh}

i understand the temper tantrums. i might be throwing a few myself between now and christmas.

Kelley Simpson said...

Amen! Whew I could feel my hair blowing in the whirlwind as I was reading, faster and faster!! The worst part is I got nothin'. Nope, nothin' no solutions or things I can say that will fix any of that.
I can say, you are not alone! I fantasize about a holiday season past September when we're not broke...or broken. LOL
The good news, it can't last forever right... Maybe next year will be different. Riiiiiighhht!

Thinking about you! Rooting you on! Kelley

dbs said...

If that's the standard for healthy then sadly, I should probably be dead.

Diplo_Daddy said...

Boy do you have a full plate! I have to admit, I skipped school on the day boys were required to wear pink. But camouflage dress for girls....

Sex at least three times per week.....dear God, I don’t have the energy. And I’m long past my 20’s and 30’s.

And as for math homework, screw it! I dread the day my little one comes home with math problems. I’ll be totally useless.

Amy Cappelli said...

Your vents are my vents. I feel your strife about each item of stress from Camouflage Day (or in our case, Sports day- we haven't any gear that represents the teams we support so my kid is out of luck) to living in darkness, and the stuff that should happen three+ times a week after dark. 6th grade Math homework opened my eyes to my inadequacies as a parent. And my kid was in accelerated math- so I had absolutely no hope for attempting to figure it out. FYI- there is a site called Khan Academy (khanacademy.org) which gives really great tutorials on a range of subjects from Algebra to Art History. And there are practice sessions (for the kid, not you).
I'll be hanging on tight with you until Christmas.

That gentleman's lady said...

Listening... listening... listening...


and here's a positive thought for you.

Just one, I promise.

"There's always reason to smile every single day."


"Miss Bee" said...

Vent away sister. We're here to listen (and say "oh, $*#%!" when we realize that we *too* have a bill sitting on the counter waiting to be paid.)