Sunday, October 9, 2011

Picture Perfect Weekend

We had the most beautiful weather weekend that we have seen in a long time - it was so nice it's hard to put it into words - so I won't.
Yes, this buggy does have two front legs and two back wheels.

Where we live, you cannot go to Wal Mart on Friday nights, (it's Amish shopping time) but we did because it's still a novelty to me.

My favorite store in town - I really wanted this, but had no idea where I would put it -The hubby did suggest the LAUNDRY ROOM but he doesn't understand DECORATION - DUH

All the shops have themed Scarecrows. This one tricks me EVERY time - I'm like waving and then I realize they are made of hay.

I'm loving my Halloween Decor

The kids love the Glow in the Dark soap.....

I went back to my favorite store and bought two night stands instead - YEAH, now I can read in bed again!

Got some work done around the house before the weather gets bad again.

I love seeing the Little House from my bedroom window - I often daydream about living in there where no one can find me.

Love this home made art/ super cute Save the Date postcard and of course the Lunch Menu

Bought a wreath made of book pages at the fair in town from a new neighbor.

The one in the middle is the quietest

The resevoir was as clear as glass this weekend.

I never tire of passing a simpler life - Ecspecially when I am running a million errands - I always say - "for one day, I would be Amish."

Fall Memories

Good Night

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Teresa - in the Middle Side of Life said...

so, walmart is reserved for amish on friday nights? or, did i misunderstand? if so, how nice of them.

love your pictures. i need to move into your little house. i could hide there when i need to get away. ok??? lol!