Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Girl Interrupted

My excuses for not writing a worthy post tonight:

I had to use my expert skills at operating the DVR/TV remote.  If you ever need an expert in this area call me, I'm reasonable unless in the middle of  blog post then I might charge you by being cranky.  THEN, I HAD to sit down and watch the newest episode of My Life as a Zoo because it has suck-you-in qualities.

I had to scoop the ice cream.  The kids were staring down the carton they had taken out of the freezer 20 minutes prior and as far as I know, ice cream is not automatic scooping. YET.  THEN, I couldn't concentrate because they insist on SCRAPING their spoons on the bowls and that is REALLY ANNOYING while also pretending I really do not want my own bowl of ice cream.

I had to re-start the dryer so that in 50 minutes I can attempt to catch it in time to actually fold the clothes. THEN I had to turn all of the pant legs right side out because I apparently live with a bunch of people who all take their pants off the exact same way and just know some nice lady will come along and fix it so their pants are neatly folded an in their drawer like a mini miracle.

I had to cut the kid nails.  Geez, their nails need cut like every 5 days.   I wonder if it's the ice cream??  Then I felt the need to stomp around the house so everyone would know I was getting aggravated for being interrupted so many times.

I had to find inspiration.  I read blogs but found nothing I could easily plagiarize without being too obvious.  Then I got interrupted again and found tonight's topic.

I had to do my homework help the kids with their homework.  Then I tried to remain calm while listening to the explanation on why I didn't  get any change back from the book fair money I gave out this morning, which was MY lunch money.

By the time I sat down to tell you something amazing I ran out of time, and NOW you are stuck with this.


"Miss Bee" said...

YES!!! Why bother folding the clothes if they have been sitting in the dryer forever and already gotten all wrinkled? I'm glad I'm not the only one that turns it back on!

(And good call on making the ice cream = nails growing faster connection....)

Kate said...

Ahhh, this is worthy of my time. And so true. Why do these people have to be so demanding?? I apologize for having nothing plagarizable for you. Maybe tomorrow..,

Oilfield Trash said...

Sometimes you get the best inspiration from day to day life.

Cheeseboy said...

Still better than 90% of the posts I read.

You are welcome to plagiarize my crud any time you want.

A Cappelli said...

Well, I think you told us something really amazing. You told us we are not alone in the world. The ice cream, the nails- it's all too familiar. Every annoying scrape of the ice cream bowl, every nail you clip- we are right there with you.

Doria said...

OoOoOoO I hate nail trimmings in the carpet. You reminded me to trim my daughters nails and hopefully paint them tonight. I need icecream now too, thanks! :)) Love the post. better luck next time!