Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Why Winter is Dangerous for Worry Warts

Makes me Chuckle – These are REAL headlines from today 2/1/11. Headlines at their Finest!

(PS: the people who write this stuff get PAID for this!)

Winter Storm Twitter Updates (because we all need to be reading Twitter updates from people hiding insides their closets while we are driving)

Dangerous Storm Ahead (I see Chicken Little scurrying across the snow from my office window)
Crippling Ice Threat (Apparently news/weather forecasters have no idea what it’s like to be crippled- to them it’s a day without coffee)

A Travel Nightmare (A travel nightmare is a car sick kid, or three kids under the age of six screaming from their car seats, or getting a case of WHY DID I EAT THAT in the middle of nowhere- to- stop)

Colossal Winter Storm Takes Aim (I'm thinking the person who came up with this one has been called a Colossal something more than once.)

They have assembled a group of Colossals

Winter Beast Delivers on Promise (I can be a winter beast on a Saturday cleaning my house, I wonder if they are spying?)

Thundersnow caught on cam (Yep, they were spying…..)

Live in the Winter Beast (now they are talking to the hubby again…)

Massive Winter Storm Begins (Batten down the hatches!! – I love saying that, it reminds me of my Mom when we would go on our boat in the middle of Lake Erie and waves were 5-6’. THEN we had to batten down the hatches…)

Share your Winter Weather Photos (because we have scared everyone half to death and they are cowering in their basements, it’s not doing anything outside and we need pictures from like 10 years ago to show there was some weather – a little touching up should do the trick!)

Groundhog Day Storm (This storm may or may not see its shadow)

Blizzard Charges East (Is this supposed to scare me?)

Carried away in the Grahics Department much?

Two Dozen States in Line of Fire (We are talking snow and ice as opposed to actual battlegrounds?)

Blizzard Takes Chicago (CRAP! Now where will I go for good shopping??)

100 million People will be Impacted by this Storm (for years we will be laughed at by foreigners)

Blanketing the Country (I hope it’s a warm fuzzy one – maybe even a Snuggie?)

Live: Historic Snow (The only time you will see history LIVE!)

We have video footage of people at the grocery store, and why is there no milk, do you really think Milk is the most important thing to have on hand in a winter storm?

We have video footage of newscasters in the snow, one had snow all over her (a plow had just passed) “Hey new guy, guess where your headed?!”

Apparently everyone forgot that we are in WINTER. It snows, there can be ice, your drive is a little longer than normal.

I actually got a an email from a client who was frantically telling everyone she was on her way home ahead of the storm and wouldn’t be in tomorrow. (Good way to plan ahead)

Just a little cynical – How are You?


Kate said...

Oh, my gosh...I'm too busy laughing at that picture of the last weather guy to respond yet. Doesn't that big red and yellow patch remind you of something other than a storm. Talk about colossal!

Our Snowpocalypse has been a big bust in my neck of the woods. Blizzard conditions around us, but all we got was a bunch of freezing rain and sleet. Yes, I'm thrilled to still have power, but I'm a little disappointed in the meager snowfall. (Yes, I'm the same girl who whined in my last blog post about being over the snow).

I can be a winter beast, too. Don't feel bad. :)

Teresa - in the Middle Side of Life said...

we are currently snowed in. can't get out of the garage because i would be stuck in the driveway. if i happened to get out of the driveway, the drift at the end of the driveway would stop me from going any farther.

looks like it's another vacation day for me tomorrow.

Cheeseboy said...

Ha ha! The end of the world is near! We're all gonna die. Someone get out the video camera. This will be a youtube sensation... snow falling.

This post is too true. As for the weather here, no snow, but it is 6. As in 6 degrees.

If you haven't seen yet, I finally did the Barney thing. It's posted now.

The Reckmonster said...

OMG...Kate just made me look back at that picture - and it really is hilarious! Look at the "placement" of the storm patch and where it is emanating from!!! HAHAHAHA! That's karma...that's what they get for trying to scare the bejeezus out of everyone over the weather! Weather is weather...it happens every year, folks! And if you live in the same place two years in a row or more...you ought to be used to it!! I'm like you, Kristen...Meh. Weather. AND?!!!

Oilfield Trash said...

I wonder if they take bets on the weather in Vegas.

Kimmie said...

We have the freezing rain/sleet thing going on here. Sounds really good hitting the vents. Dh is on call and just left to save the day. That leaves me with 2 kids and 2 dogs. Really hoping the power doesn't go out but our flashlights are ready. And all the DS's are charged. LOL

Doria said...

Yay (sarcasm) Im in the flood zones. Double Yay (more sarcasm). Stay warm lady! What no storm pics to share yet? Way to blog there! haha.. Im kidding!

Barb said...

Oh I agree totally!!!! That poor weatherman....seriously you know he was being mocked. Good times. We were told to hunker down for our "historic" blizzard and we did get 9 inches but I live in Michigan. We wanted 2 feet!!!