Thursday, February 3, 2011

It's a Hallmark Holiday coming up- Let the Men-Bashing Begin!

I came across an article titled: 6 mistakes men make on Valentine’s Day.  You know how much I love paid article writers.....
So, let’s have a little fun and check out the ways in which women just love to bash men. Please guys keep reading, I’m on your side and besides how many gifts have you given to a woman vs. how many you get in return? I bet the scale is tipped in your favor!

First, the writer assumes men do not know when Valentine’s Day is. REALLY? What world is she living in – does she not know that Ignorance is Bliss? Her men are playing stupid. They know what day it is, they just don’t want YOU to know that they know.

Mistake #1 is getting a store bought card. Hey, I’ll take it! As long as he at least signs his name, the fact that he went into the store, stood in front of the card display and CHOSE a card, put the card in the envelope, licked it shut, and gave it to me on the right day, that’s a heck of a lot better than nothing!
Of course I would enjoy a hand-made card with a hand written note about how amazing I am – FROM MY MOM!! I like my man a little tougher on the inside, so bring on the store-bought card!

This is how the hubby and I share cards ALL THE TIME!

Mistake #2 is letting a bear do your bidding. Granted, I haven’t gotten a stuffed animal since I had teen tacked on to my age, but hey, if he wants to give me one, I’m not complaining….. I still walk through the amusement park waiting for the day to carry a giant purple ape on my shoulders for the entire world to see. Wouldn’t people think my man was so cool spending all of his money on a new corner-of-the- basement filler?? Seriously, I have to agree with this one. Stuff the stuffed animal and give me a big ole bear hug instead, but I doubt most men even consider this one anyway, but if they DID, it's sweet.

Mistake #3 is that men declare Valentine’s Day is a ploy for consumers. I believe she has this confused with Sweetest Day which IS a ploy for sure. I am pretty sure that most men, no matter how they really feel make an effort on the day – of course trying to find a restaurant to get even your big toe in is a feat even the best of men can’t accomplish. Honestly, any day in February that has an ounce of romance ticks my box of “celebrated”.

Mistake #4 is sharing the day with your blackberry. Is she talking about herself or her girl-friends? Last time I looked, WOMEN are the majority culprit here. I can guarantee I will get a verbal I Love You before I ever get an electronic one. This is totally a female thing - “I texted the hubby something raunchy, that should take care of him for the night.”

Mistake #5 is expecting HER to make the plans. Yeah right! If you leave it up to us, we’ll hem haw about it for days!!! The mistake men might make here is asking for our opinion. We know how to manipulate the situation so that he is making the plan but we have complete control.

And finally, last but not least on the man-bashing list is under dressing. YEP you read it right. If I walk in the door and the hubby is in a suit, sure, I would be a little curious. Let’s see – we are going to court, a funeral, a wedding or he has a meeting at work. None of which are romantic.

All kidding aside, I’ll agree to this one slightly. It does make my heart go pitter pat to see the hubby dressed special for me, but he certainly has never been told to do this. Most men get it. No worries.

So ladies, we might need to take some pointers because I am pretty sure my gift giving romantic skills are just as lacking if not worse than my man’s.

Dress nice, no teddy bears, no store bought card, have a plan, ditch the blackberry and don’t poo-poo the day.
When is Valentine’s Day??


The Schweitzers said...

My hubby do something on Valentine's Day? HA! He forgot my birthday this year and then tried to make up for it by buying me a new....refrigerator. (For real). But I GUARANTEE he will never forget it again. He might buy a heart-shaped pizza though.

Oilfield Trash said...

This post makes me want to write a similar post for the ladies about steak and bj day.

Kate said...

#1: I have to tell my husband "I don't want a card from the dollar store" because he loves those bargain cards. I don't care if I'm going to throw it away...spend more than 50 cents.

#2: I do not want a stuffed animal. We have enough crap in our house. I'm over 5. Moving on...

#3: Jeff's been out of town for the week, but I know full well that Valentines Day week all I'll hear is what a scam, made up holiday it is.

#4: I'll most definitely send him a raunchy picture, and he'll appreciate it. By now, my tech-phobic man has finally even figured out how to text back a "wow, thanks!" (not that I'd have prior experience with this). He hates my iPhone, so I like to give him reasons to appreciate it.

#5: No plans will be made. Our romantic Valentines weekend will include a hotel room in Chicago...and at least two kids sharing the room, two days at a volleyball tournament, and a 14 mile run for me (which means I'll see him sometime that afternoon) with another man. We will eat out, and I'll do my best to make sure it's the team dinner so it's not fast food, but I can make no is tight.

#6: He'll wear his nice jeans, I'm sure.

Ohhh, I don't sound like a very loving wife. Honestly, the most romantic thing he could do that weekend is rub my legs after my run and drive both ways so I don't have to. I don't need anything big and fancy; I'd much rather have a pair of waterproof pants than flowers or candy.

Kelley Simpson said...

I guess I'm happy knowing every day that guy loves me, I'm a bit passed waiting all year for him to prove it on VD.
I LOVE the little Heart picture at the end. Because love isn't quite complicated enough as it is...
SOOOO true.
I have had a Valentine's day when everyone (all 4 of them) was in a circle with their presents and there was me with nothing but a stupid smile on my face that said,"I'm fine, really, fine." That wont happen again. LOL, He's a man, not an idiot!

Kimmie said...

I gave up Valentines Day a long time ago. That's the day I make sure the kids have their assigned treat for the party and their valentines signed and, maybe, are wearing red.

Hubby is hopeless.

Doria said...

Uggghhh I hate V-day. And Im in a relationship. LIke you said, it's just hype to get people to spend money.. Gah! Love the post tho, as always :))