Sunday, February 13, 2011

SOMEONE has to be a bad bowler or else there won't be any GOOD ones.

While I was MIA – here is what I was up to:

Thursday night the doorbell rang and two brave young ladies stood at the front door after trudging through a foot of hardened and two month old snow just to get to our front door. If you ever go to someone’s house in mid February in the Snow Belt and the only way to the front door is via snow shoes, it doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t thoroughly enjoy drop in visitors. Sometimes it just means they are too busy to shovel the walkway, never get visitors and/or use the garage entrance and figure if you can get to the front door you deserve clearance.

Anyway, if you have never had the pleasure of inviting Morman Missionaries into your home, you should really try it sometime. I mean how many 18-20 something year olds do you know that would go door to door and still have a smile?? With wet shoes and feet, all dressed up in the middle of small town America where there are no street lights and maneuvering driveways are a hazard to your health and nerves. I welcome them every time just to remind myself that I am not nearly as special as I like to think (it’s good for the kids too)

On Saturday we tried to find those fun old-fashioned boxes of chocolates to leave out for the kids on Monday morning. This is something my Mom used to do for me and I still remember how it made my day. Even when the extra big Valentine that I thought was just for me from the cutest boy in class was the same size as the cutest girl in the class’s was. OH Well.

 Why does no one sell these heart shaped candy boxes anymore?
I should clarify, why doesn't anyone sell them for less than an arm and a leg that kind of need right now.

We tried 3 different places. I ended up buying a bunch of mixed Valentines candy to leave on the breakfast table.

The hubby and I snuck out and saw Adam Sandler’s Just Go With it. (Sneaking out means plying the kids with a movie of their own, use of my laptop, and a moratorium on having to do any kind of cleaning – not an easy feat for me) I don’t care what the critics are saying, this was a funny movie. The little girl who does the British accent was hysterical and best of all Dave Matthews has a cameo. It can’t get better than that.

How smart is Adam Sandler  -filming all his movies in Hawaii???

The movie preview of Water for Elephants looks really good and now I am regretting not reading that book. Let me know if you saw the movie and what you thought and if you have read that book –is it worth the read?

Saturday night I went to my favorite hair stylist who lets me get my hair done at 8pm on a Saturday. (If you have read me, you know that the hubby has been known to throw some color on my head before but he doesn’t like to do that particular activity on a Saturday night) She made me over and I am now sporting some amazing blonde highlights which are EXACTLY what I needed.

Sunday, we went bowling. Yep.

I mean No, we are not your typical bowlers. But just like I secretly enjoy playing Bingo, I also really like to bowl, even though I am pretty darn awful. The hubby had the idea, which is very rare so I jumped at this opportunity. (Winter hibernation can make men do some pretty funny things- get it out of the gutter!) We did have to practically drag our son out the door and tie him to the backseat to go with us, but I swear, I did see an inkling of a smile at one point when he got a spare. It didn’t really help that we were sandwiched between two groups of the best bowlers in Northeastern Ohio. It also didn’t help my ego that the one group consisted of two girls in their early twenties with the perkiest boobs and butts I used to have who also bowled amazingly. Thank god I had new blonde highlights – at least there was THAT…. I am SURE that their hunky boyfriends were checking me out as I did my funny little bowling shuffle. SURE OF IT.

Hoping your weekend was fantastic and your Hallmark Holiday tomorrow is even better.


Diplo_Daddy said...

I only had to read the first sentence of your blog, and knew right away who it was, standing at your front door. My half-brother will soon be taking off on his mission, somewhere. I left the church many, many years ago....

The Schweitzers said...

For some reason, the one sport that I happen to have the natural ability for is bowling. That's just weird. Now bingo, I like bingo, but I'm absolutely horrible at it. I get all stressed out and leave sweaty.

A Cappelli said...

I read Water For Elephants and it is one of my favorite books now. I don't read much- so maybe I'm not such a good gage as to whether or not something is worth reading. But, I will say that the actors who have been cast do not at all resemble the characters (at least the ones I developed in my mind).

I am really really enjoying your posts. I am so glad I found your blog. I feel like you are pulling stories from my life.

Doria said...

LOve the post. I want to see that Adam Sandler I think that lil girl will be funny! Glad you liked it! And I enjoy bowling also, its fun, and Im terrible at it, haha..

Anonymous said...

I will add this blog to my favorites, it is great.