Monday, February 28, 2011

Settle THIS Argument

One of my favorite blogs –Kelley’s Breakroom
Has a GREAT question today. Go check it out and help her answer.

I say CRANS for the record. I’m right, I just KNOW it.

Which brings me to MY burning question:

How do you say what this is a picture of:

Option A:  Q-Pon

Option B: Coo-Pon

Option C: What is this a picture of and what do you do with it??

One option is what I really say, one option is the correct answer, and one option is what the hubby says who thinks he is right and there is no amount of arguing. Then when he uses one, he always follows it up with “Who’s a better Shopper, huh??”

This pre-empted my blog post about why being able to do a backbend is helpful in certain situations. Stay tuned for THAT tomorrow, but do you have any ideas???


The Schweitzers said...

A say it like option A, but honestly, I don't think that's correct...and I'm from North Dakota (yeah, you betcha).

Kate said...

Option A, all the way.

Cheeseboy said...

I have rethought my answer on her blog from earlier. I think it is actually Crans.

A Cappelli said...

OMG I am so confused. I thought I said the word one way. But, then I tried out both options and now I don't know how I say it. And the word has now completely lost its meaning.

Oilfield Trash said...

Like I said on Kelley's blog, in Texas both are used.

Teresa - in the Middle Side of Life said...

it's a "coo-pon" - cause there's no "q" in it

i used to say "q-pon" until someone corrected me (about 27 years ago) and it's been "coo" ever since then.

The Reckmonster said...

Q-Pon, for sure!!!

Doria said...