Sunday, February 6, 2011

Weekend Glimpse

On Saturday the hubby and I had a rare opportunity to sneak away without the kids.(Don't worry it's good for them too - in our guilt we always bring home treats!) It was one of those days I would like to repeat at least once a month. Except for the drive home where I started to recognize that my being tired was from more than a good day. Today I am slightly under the weather. But that is OK too; it has given me a great excuse to be lazy this afternoon.

I married the right man, we could care less about THE BIG GAME (as we have been jokingly referring to it all weekend -wouldn't want to incur a fine or anything) We stopped loving football in college when our home team was sold. After that we just never could get back into it. However, we did make fun snack foods and are watching marathon episodes of whatever else is on. ( I have to admit to a little Jersey fever....)

On Saturday we left the house before noon and made our way to a couple of fun warehouses where they sell refurbished antiques. Gym lockers, railroad carts with pressed metal tops, stainless steel pharmacy display cases, post office mail holders *I so want one of those in my closet for my shoes!

It was fun dreaming we could buy several of the pieces. It was even more fun discovering the nooks and crannies in the buildings and being greeted by the odd warehouse cat here and there. We met three of them in all. I’m not normally a cat fan, however, these guys were rough and tough and were fun to see.  I could imagine some interesting ghosts/spirits in these buildings too.
We had lunch and dessert in Little Italy  like real grown-ups and drove through the blinding snow (my absolute favorite kind) to check out the clearance racks in various stores. I found the girls two wool dress coats for $16 each, marked down from $85.00! I tried to find myself the same deal because I need a new coat, but didn't have the same luck.
We even had fun with the sales clerks who were bored to tears from lack of business due to the weather. I think I have found my favorite time to shop. (This, coming from a non-shopper is really saying something!)

I hope you all had a great weekend – Tell me about it!


Kate said...

Sounds like a great day together! Couples definitely need that time away. My husband is a huge football fan, so we were at a SB party watching the game. Well, he watched; I did some napping in between commercials. :) I love football, but having no allegiance to either team made this one pretty boring for me.

Cheeseboy said...

Quite amazing that your husband does not like to watch the game. I am not a huge pro football guy either, but I always watch the game with some buddies just for same man time.

That chair is so cool. I'd have that in my den.

Doria said...

OoOoOo I love shopping for vintage stuff. LOVE IT! Not a football fan either. Didn't watch any tv this weekend, not enough to count anyway!

Doria said...

OoOoOo I love shopping for vintage stuff. LOVE IT! Not a football fan either. Didn't watch any tv this weekend, not enough to count anyway!

Kelley Simpson said...

What a wonderful weekend. Certainly my favorite kind. I LOVE the pieces you posted, each as fabulous as the other. I could find a place for each one.

Feel better!