Monday, February 21, 2011

A lot can happen in 24 hours.

Your child could suddenly start throwing up for no apparent reason. Directly after dinner, while in the basement, far, far away from the closest toilet.
You could spend three hours running back and forth from couch to bathroom with that same child wondering what on earth you are going to do for adult coverage the next day knowing you just took a rare sick day yourself.
You could get so used to running back and forth that on the 10th trip, be completely shocked to find yourself upside down one second and laying on the ground the next with a very sore butt and arm.
You could want to do all sorts of severe damage to the germ-a-phobe that thought it would be a good idea to spray Lysol all over the floor leading to the bathroom that causes your “trip”.

You could be amazed that this same germ-a-phobe, rarely pokes his head out of his room, until his little sister is throwing up causing him to grab a can of Lysol and release is slippery substance all over your floors.

You could jump out of bed a mere few hours later, panicked that your alarm didn’t go off to realize that the power is out and it’s only 4am.

You could gather all the kids who were sleeping in the basement in make-shift igloos and huddle them around the fireplace listening to the crackling of the trees heavy with ice.

You could watch the transformer blow up outside, lighting up the sky in pretty colors, explain to the kids that no, it is not lightening, then jump a mile when your two beautiful Birch trees come crashing down from the weight of the ice.

You could be sitting at work un-showered, with no make-up hiding from everyone because you refuse to call off even if the trees were blocking your driveway and you had to hitch a ride.

You could have gotten home from work, raced into the shower mere seconds after the power came back on knowing it may be a small window of opportunity until the power goes out again because snow is piling on top of the ice.

Like I said, a lot could happen in 24 hours……


Kate said...

I love the way you write. This one has a very "If you give a mouse a cookie" feel to it. Fun!

Ohhh, your poor kiddo. And poor you. And your poor trees. :( A few years ago, we lost power during an ice storm. We did still have water, but no power for five days. I learned within two days that I'm not a trooper, I'm not a pioneer girl, I'm a big baby.

"Miss Bee" said...

Oh no! Apparently that stomach bug is making it's way across the entire country....

But surely you got extra points at work for being there under such dire circumstances?

(And I guess this would be a poor time to mention that it was almost 80 degrees here in Austin today?)

The Reckmonster said...

Oh mamasita! If that was your 24 hour period - that sucks! And you SHOULD have called out - work will be there the next day. Family first.

That IS hilarious about the Lysol bandit in your house, though! Reminds me of my mother. She puts a can of lysol in every room - even the guest bedrooms. Whenever someone is sick, her first question is, "Did you spray the house with lysol?" When my dad got bit on his hand by a brown recluse spider a few months ago - he had to go to a wound specialist every day to get it cleaned out - it was nasty! So, the running joke (at my mom's expense) was me telling him, "Well, maybe you should just spray your hand with lysol. That'll kill all of the germs." My mom wasn't as amused as we were!

I hope that your next 24 hours are better!!! Stay warm!

A Cappelli said...

We have had all of those experiences- just not on the same night. Here is a link to pictures of an ice storm (similar to what you described)that we experienced a few years ago. It was scary and wild: I do not have a link to pictures of our most experiences with throwing up children (that Mother's Day will forever be etched in my head :-)
I hope everyone is feeling better and that your power has stayed on.

alexa - cleveland's a plum said...

damn girl, hope everything is better soon!

Cheeseboy said...

Wow. Insanity!

Nothing freaks me out more than watching my own kids vomit. I'd rather be vomiting.

Doria said...

Holy crapola! A 24 hours like that would seem like an eternity. We're all sunshiney here, hope some of it comes to visit you and yours :)