Monday, March 21, 2011

Dr.'s Office :9 Me: 0

I am always early wherever I go anywhere and being early to the Dr.’s office makes no difference at all, unless a longer wait counts?

I hate paperwork. I get a hand cramp, have horrible handwriting and never remember important #'s when I need to.  Dr.’s offices LOVE paperwork.

I feel like when I am sick, I am weak. My last date of weakness per the nurse was 4 years ago. (I feel like it had only been a year??)

If you leave me alone in a small room with bad wallpaper for a long time, I will fall asleep.

I could sound like I am on my death bed everywhere EXCEPT at the Dr.’s office when I really need to sound and look like death so they understand why I am there.

I pick the farthest pharmacy for no reason other than I love being inconvenienced and I am a moron.

But no worries, in a mere 5 days I should be back to normal. Diagnosis: Bronchitis and Sinus infection and maybe some seasonal allergies just to make things interesting!

I am supposed to be sleeping – the hubby took the kids to a movie so I could do just that. But I just got done crying which does not help the sinus issues all because of this interview:



Cheeseboy said...

Sometimes we definitely make life as hard as we can on ourselves, don't we?

Here's to a speedy recovery!

Oilfield Trash said...

I hope you get better soon.

Teresa - in the Middle Side of Life said...

i'm sorry that you're still sick, but glad that "it" has a name and a treatment plan!

get better fast!!!

Kate said...

What is it with Dr's offices and paperwork? They have no heart. I had to go to a hand specialist bc I dislocated my thumb. The one on my right hand. I'm 110% right handed. They gave me a ream of paper to fill out. :(

Now that you have a diagnosis, FILL the prescription and get better. I said so. Hope you're feeling back to normal soon! And if it makes you feel any better, I didn't get any closer to cleaning this weekend than wiping the mud off my you're waaaay ahead of me!

Doria said...

awe feel better soon! :) Good you gave in and went to the Dr. Good for you :)

A Cappelli said...

I am the exact same way at the doctor's office. A few months ago while struggling to get a handle on a chronic illness, I had to force myself to cry (with real tears) in my doctor's presence for him to finally take me seriously. Because, it seems that every time I went to see him, I was the picture of health.

Wishing you continued healing. Bronchitis is a awful. Hope you feel better soon.

The Schweitzers said...

The whole situation with that bullying video absolutely breaks my heart! It's scary, because I'm sure he has good parents, and yet, they DIDN'T KNOW. It makes me take a look at my family and re-evaluate how to keep the lines of communication open with my son so that he isn't bullied, or that he doesn't become the bully. And if something like that happens, I hope he would feel he could come to me.

Sorry to hear about your illness. I hate Dr. offices as well. Hope you mend soon!

Scratch the hostile fay said...

Ouch, I hate Bronchitis....

And go Casey!! I was bullied as a child, and the only thing that kept me from doing the same thing was the fact I'd be arrested for paticipating in a "public affray" (We had sherriffs at my high school, fights were common)