Monday, March 28, 2011


This is a mixture of Excitement and Anxiety. Which pretty much sums up the last 3 days:

I told you about the poor abandoned house that we looked at several weeks ago. It had been written off as not a suitable option, although a great deal, just not big enough for our family. It was fine, but the hubby and I were slightly disappointed to see the opportunity to own our first home slip through the cracks.

But all of a sudden the house came back to us – we were not pursuing it. It just sort of happened to us.  Saturday morning at a mere 16 degrees, but sunny (not quite the same as saying, "but it’s a DRY heat") found me walking the property, checking out the lake in the back, and finding the silver lining. A new plan was developing to potentially still get this house.

By noon, we were touring the house with an Amish contractor, planning a new bathroom/bedroom, new kitchen, new mud room, and living room big enough for us to fit. The quote was in-line with what we could afford even, and the silver lining was turning platinum. The neighbor was even making plans with my hubby that was making me believe when we moved in, it would be the last I would ever see him.

Let me fill you in right here. We have toured MANY homes. We have RENTED all of them. We have fixed up every single one of them because that’s just how we are as renters. We rent like we own, and we have experienced many, many housing dissapointments.  But NEVER have we gone so far as to meet with a contractor (Amish or otherwise) and get this close to planning our home.

By Saturday night, we had well thought out plans, and I cleaned my current house while decorating and deciding where I would put each item I cleaned, in my mind.

At 8pm our power went out for no reason at all. It was out for two hours. Inspired by our Amish friend, I lit a portable emergency lantern and took down all the snowmen/winter items and cleaned my house because I was intent on getting my house in order so I could concentrate on the what if…. (all while coming up with theories as to why we and three other towns had no power – maybe it’s ALIENS??)

By Sunday, more plans were evolving, an offer was written and the hubby and I snuck out to Home Depot to just “look and see.” (We kept reminding each other WE ARE NOT emotionally invested – if it happens it happens, if it it’s meant to be…. Yada. Yada. Yada.

We covered every aisle. We found the floor we would put in the finished basement, we agreed on paint colors, we looked at storm doors, we marveled at the new Formica that looks like granite. We discussed how to split up the kids furnture because no one would have to share a room anymore. We agreed on cabinet color, agreed on wanting to replace the hollow interior doors, picked out a plain faucet and then laughed about the faucet and sink we would much rather have but knew we couldn’t afford. We even looked at toilets. (the kind that DON’T clog)

On the way home from Home Depot, we were giddy and I think also amazed at how well we AGREED on everything. I know that we both have been dreaming about our OWN home for several years, but I had NO idea that our dream's mirrored eachothers.

As we drove home, we even swung into an open house for a DREAM HOME that will never be on our radar, but because we now had our own much simpler dream it was easier to look FOR FUN.

This “looking for fun house” was AMAZING. You remember that movie - Sleeping with the Enemy? How the crazy husband wanted everything perfect – from the cans with the labels in precise alignment and the hand towels in perfect order? Well, I never really got why that was such a problem because in the world where it is just me all alone, my cans and towels would look like that.

Every closet we looked into (at least seven of them) were filled with clothes in order by color and style. (My goal in life) The basement floor was heated, they had two cats and three dogs and the house smelled brand spanking new. The new landscaping was $35k alone.

Needless to say it was a NICE house. But we just had fun seeing it and not one time did either of us say, “How lucky are these people?” Because we felt lucky ourselves at the slight possibility our little abandoned dream home might be ours.

They accepted another offer.

I have to drive by this house every single day.

The neighbor is devastated too. ( I may have to take the hubby to visit)

I am actually going to miss its peculiar smell, random trash, odd bits of furniture and serious potential. Even the inspector said it was a gem. (From his make-shift office in the bathroom with a portable heater to keep him warm) He said the windows were hand crafted, the roof in perfect condition, no structural damage and very well built at one time.

I got this bit of news at 8:30am today. At 8:15am my computer at work crashed from a virus that made it look like I had downloaded porn. At 3:30pm for 15 minutes my daughter was missing (no worries, she failed to tell us that there were additional CHORUS practices, but I do now own 5 additional gray hairs)

What a difference a night can make.

No worries, my day will come…..

If only Life were this Simple.....


Teresa - in the Middle Side of Life said...

awww.... shucks - i'm so sad for you. it sounded like a great house to work on.

do you remember the movie "the money pit"? we had a house that we bought about the same time that came out and we felt we were living it.

The Woven Moments said...

Great blog! House heartaches are the worst. I'm pulling for you!

Kate said...

Oh, hon...I'm sorry. It's so disappointing when it's YOURS in your mind. That stinks. I hope it means that that house WASN'T the right situation for you all.

And yeah, I've had one of those days, too. It's a bottle of wine and bubble bath kind of day.

Doria said...

Awe that sucks. Im so sorry! No worries, like you said, one day! :) Oh wow I know its scary to lose a child, if only for a little while... Scary... Boo for grey hairs! :/

A Cappelli said...

You're such a good writer- my heart is aching a little now. Aww, Kristen, I am sorry that you didn't get the house. You will have a house of your own some day. And you will make it fabulous.

Cheeseboy said...

That sucks major suckage. I've been there. It's meant to be though. One thing I learned in house searching is that there is ALWAYS another home.