Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Random Me

This is what my personal trainer looks like.

I really wished he had given me a head’s up on the 80’s apparel requirement. Here I am wearing snowman pajama pants and a t-shirt and I have to work out with the likes of these people:

I will say that Gilad is not so bad at 4:30am and the view, well it’s dreamy compared to my basement.

Rather than sand, I am surrounded by toys and art projects. Occasionally I get a little paper cut-out person stuck to my butt, and I think the Lego pieces make me step a little higher when I jump on top of one by accident.

As funny as this crowd may seem, I had a hard time carrying my coffee, and a light box into work today –Becase MY ARMS ARE SO SORE! Gilad apparently invited his elderly grandfather to work out with us this morning and sadly, his body is in better shape at 75 than mine is. However, I think I would look better in a high cut leotard than he does….

It’s funny when you get up at 4:30am what commercials you will catch on TV. I had NO idea you could duct tape or hot glue your bra straps to your shirt to keep them from slipping down! If I had only known about this trick….

I have been blessed with boobs and small shoulders. I need an over the shoulder boulder holder that will keep the straps in place. Please and thank you. I am forever hiking the things up when no one is looking. (The STRAPS, people) But NO WAY IN THE PLACE DOWN THERE am I EVER going to buy the suggested solutions and I do not EVER want a UNI-BOOB. I will take slipping straps over any of these.

Finally – Can WOMEN PLEASE STOP GOING TO coach BASKETBALL GAMES RIGHT AFTER THEY DELIVER their child?? I thought we graduated from the SQUAT AND POP in the fields to spending WEEKS IN HOSPITAL after having a baby. Now we are edging dangerously close to dancing with the stars hours after labor. Heck, even the men will agree – there was a time their kind was trying pregnancy out and it was not long LIVED. I personally am done having kids, and I honestly didn’t spend more than 12 hours in the hospital with any of them and I did even do it once without pain meds, but I would really like my girls to have the opportunity to take a break after they have their kids. How else will I ever get my hands on those babies?

Know what I mean Vern?


Oilfield Trash said...

I heard about that coach as well and thought, man she must have a loose one to be back at work the next day.

Teresa - in the Middle Side of Life said...

love your workout trainer. hehe - when he's done working you over, send him here.

i need extra "floppinschtoppin" apparel myself but i won't be taping anything to anything else, either.

A Cappelli said...

I think I am going to spill a box of legos on the floor to enhance my work out today. You are right, they do make you step higher. As for bras, I am a hiker too. Sadly, because of the shape my ladies are in after four babies, Victoria's Secret remains a secret that I am not privy to. And sadder still, the most attractive bra I have ever owned was a nursing bra I bought last year (which cost me a fortune and has no purpose in my life now :-(

Kate said...

I wish we still had cable so I could work out with you on the beach. Who am I fooling...I haven't managed to make myself get up early to do anything but run in months. Your basement sounds a lot like mine, though! :)

The bra things, those are just weird. I'll stick with hitching up my straps when (frequently) necessary.