Wednesday, March 9, 2011

To Be Continued

It’s raining Cats and Dogs here with forecasted snow in my near future. (I’ll keep you posted on whether I’m building an Arc or an Igloo)

I just got done helping to complete a Spanish project for one and reading the starting of a book for another. (I’ll let you know what kind of grade I get!)

(I have to share the link to the Spanish project because- well, it’s not like ANY project I EVER did. (My son has a small part in it – my nephew made the video and is the main newscaster.)

The book writer is also my reader and based on what she has written so far, she’ll beat me to my dream goal of writing a book. Her story is about a creature who is the lone survivor of an ancient Indian tribe that is responsible for making the crop circles…… (I’ll let you know where to buy your copy)

On top of all that, a potential new house is in my future. This story will definitely have to be continued but let me just give you the highlights:

We aren’t really looking (I’m ALWAYS ready to move because I love houses and change, but I’ve been pretty satisfied where we are for the first time EVER.)

The house needs work, but might be an investment/opportunity for us to finally own.

I have never been inside it

From the outside, it doesn’t excite me

It doesn’t come close to my dream home (Craftsman Bungalow)

It has been abandoned

The power and water have been shut off

The steep steps to the front door were covered in a thick sheet of ice, making the climb one of the more dangerous things I have done in awhile.

With Flashlights in hand, in the POURING rain, we discovered the door that had been left open earlier was now tightly locked and we had to repel back down the steps with no opportunity to see the inside.

This will be continued I am sure with plenty of more details, but I am trying to put too much energy/thought into it because I am really not sure this is my idea of an adventure….

I’ll keep you posted…….


bec. said...

How exciting! As military wife, if I've been living in the same house for more than two years I start to get anxious, so I'm always ready for a big, new adventure and can completely see the excitement in finding that potential gem. I'm definitely looking forward to hearing more!

A Cappelli said...

I love the video! And didn't you think that you already paid your dues when you were graduated from college- or, shoot, high school for that matter? I have to keep reminding myself that I am not the one who is getting graded. But, it is so hard to not invest- especially when I see what half baked ideas they come up with on their own.

Cheeseboy said...

Great and exciting times. New house and all!

It's warm here today. Like 60 and sunny.

Doria said...

Def keep us posted. It's always fun and interesting to venture into abandoned homes. :)

Kate said...

Oh, my gosh. That's a lot going on. I can't wait to get home and watch the video. Sooo cool that your daughter is writing a story. :)

The house...oooh, that could be an adventure all right. I'd be all for it in theory, but I think the reality would be a bit much for me. I love to move, but we're not too good about fixing things up. Good luck! Can't wait to hear what you decide to do. :)